Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lamont Victory in Connecticut SHOULD send message to DINOS

The voters of Connecticut have spoken. They voted for a change that will send a message to all "Democrat" enablers who passively support Republican policies. I hope that this message reverberates to all DLC Democrats. Ned Lamont, a virtual unknown came from nowhere to defeat Joseph Lieberman, an influencial Senator with 18 years of experience. Throughout Lieberman's concession speech he kept championing the cause of "bipartisanship" as he emphasized working with Republicans and extending an arm across the aisle. This was something I could not understand. The Republicans control all three branches of government, squandered billions of dollars on an illegal war, given tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% of the country and made an attempt to dismantle Social Security. Why on Earth would a Democrat want to work with the Republican administration that is determined to take from the poor and give to the rich? Mr. Lieberman and the media tried to portray Ned Lamont as being a one issue candidate. Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Lamont have different perspectives on a host of issues. Mr. Lieberman (and other DLC Democrats) went right along with the new unjust bankruptcy bill. Mr. Lieberman acquiesed with legislation that favored the pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Lieberman was willing to accept the removal of the estate tax for the wealthy in order to get an increase in the minimum wage for the rest of us. Mr. Lieberman also voted to increase the salaries of Congress members. This is the congress that has been dubbed the "Do nothing Congress" that can't raise the minimum wage but has no problem providing 200 million dollars for the Alaskan bridge to nowhere. There was a time when Joe Lieberman once said to Lowell Weicker that it was time for a change after 18 years, well in the 2006 primary the voters of Connecticut have come to the same conclusion with regard to Joe Lieberman.......after 18 years it is time for a change. As Michael Moore so aptly put it "It's all about who you sleep with" and for far too long Joe Lieberman has been sleeping with Conservative Republicans. What I found particularly disturbing about this election was the unexpectedly narrow margin of the Lamont victory. Even though pollsters at one time or another gave Lamont as much as a 20 point lead Lamont won by an uncomfortably close 52% to 48%, which should make the general election in November a close contest also. Will Republicans vote for their candidate Alan Schlesinger or will they support their buddy and Bush confidant Joe Lieberman? Will the general election be tampered with? Are we being set-up?.......again. Since 2000 the integrity of the electoral process must ALWAYS be under scrutiny. I hope that other DINOS (Democrats In Name Only) take notice of the Lieberman defeat.......especially Ford of Tennessee. There are 63 lobbyists for every elected member of Congress, who is under pressure to do the bidding of agents of foreign governments as well as multinational corporations while the cost of being elected becomes more and more expensive. The progressive wing of the Democratic party has to make its voice heard not only in Connecticut but across the country. DLC democrats like Joe Lieberman do not represent the will of the people who sent them to Congress. Republicans and DLC Democrats are quick to praise Lieberman for going his own way on the Iraq war , but they have to realize that Lieberman was elected to do the will of the people and if the people want him to go one way and he goes another he is neglecting the will of the people that should always take precedence.

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