Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Ironic Timing of George Allen's racist statements.

We have been told by some Republicans that "racism" played a decisive role in the defeat of Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic Primary of Connecticut. That obviously ridiculous claim is a slap in the face for all Democratic voters in Connecticut because it assumes that they didn't notice that he was Jewish when they sent him to Congress for eighteen years. It is "ironic" that further south in Virginia Republican senatorial candidate George Allen would show us who the real racist was. Mr. Allen had a rally of whites only and he just happened to notice that there was a person of color in the audience with a video camera who was taping him. Mr. Allen took advantage of this moment by attempting to embarrass this young 20 year old man of Indian descent who was working for his opponent Jim Webb, when he said "Welcome To America" Just because S.R. Sidarth had brown skin he immediately assumed that he was a newly arrived immigrant. Sidarth was born in the United States to Indian parents. To make matters even worse Allen refers to Sidarth as "Mr. Macaca" "Macaca" is a French derogatory term used for North Africans. Macaca sounds alot like the Spanish "Mi caca" in which "Mi" means "My and "caca" is one of several words for excrement. Whether Allen meant the French or the Spanish it still comes out as blatently racist. The good old boys were "whoopin' and hollerin' " for Republican George Allen, who was the star of the show. You can tell a lot about the people of an area by those they have chosen to represent them in Congress. Apparently racism is still alive and well in Virginia.

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