Saturday, August 19, 2006

George Bush's abstinance policy is a miserable failure in Ohio

The abstinance only policy of George W. Bush and the religious right with regard to pre-marital sex was a catasthrophe in Texas, well now we see that it is also a catasthrophe in Canton, Ohio. Since the city implemented the Bush endorsed policy the city has seen a dramatic rise in the number of unwanted pregnancies among teen-agers. The people of Canton have decided to discontinue the abstinance program. This type of archaic thinking has been imposed on the people of Africa. Because of this totally ineffective policy Africans are dying because the Bush administration is denying them contraceptives, and to add insult to injury African nations are still waiting for the money Mr. Bush promised he would give to fight A.I.D.S. The consistency of this administration is astounding. Everything Midas touched turned to gold. Everything George W. Bush touches turns to ___________(expletive deleted).

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