Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Orleans: A year later......little progress

A year after what was probably the country's worst natural disaster there has been little improvement in the quality of life of most inhabitants of New Orleans even though you would never know that by listening to George W. Bush who seems to be most excited about the beaches of New Orleans. George Bush talks about how Trent Lott lost his home. This is ridiculous. The well known wealthy Mississippi politician's loss pales in comparison to his Mississippi constituents who didn't have his resources. In a year's time we get a much clearer picture of what happened. Katrina appears to have given an opportunity to racist real estate developers to ethnically cleanse New Orleans. Plans have been found that include luxury homes and golf courses in the 9th Ward. We know that in Louisiana parishes far away from the most affected areas received the highest amounts of money. We know that many victims of Katrina were put in trailers filled with formaldahyde. We know that the good hands people of Allstate are trying to avoid the claims made by their customers. We know that the mayor and other people of great influence in New Orleans tried to grab land from the victims by forcing them to gut their homes within an unreasonable time period or lose them. Fortunately the housing advocate organization ACORN was able to prevent this from happening. We know that George W. Bush tried to eliminate the Davis-Beacon Act that stated that after natural disasters those working to rebuild must be paid minimum wage. It is estimated that 60% of the garbage Katrina left a year ago is STILL there. Of course not all that has happened since August 29, 2005 has been bad. Harry Connick Jr., Kanye West and Celine Dion are just a few of the many who spent their time and money coming to the aid of the Katrina victims. Many organizations from all over the country immediately sent food and offered other types of assistance. We know that 2/3 of New Orleans' pre-Katrina population has NOT
returned. Only 17 percent of the busses are operating. We now know that Michael Brown states in a recent Playboy article that he was told to take one for the team. According to Brown Bush wanted him to take the blame even though Brown repeatedly stated that unless something was done a disaster was immenent.I remember an interview Long Island congressmen Peter King had with one of the networks. In this interview he praised Bush as a strong politician who would protect the country from all dangers within our borders and outside of our borders. I wonder what Rep. King is saying now.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Congressional Election Nullified - Nobody Noticed

Speaker of the House Nullified
San Diego Congressional Race

By Michael Collins
“Scoop” Independent Media
Washington, DC

It appears the US media overlooked one of the great political stories of the year. In what is becoming something of a pattern, here’s a brief chronology:

On June 6, 2006 Republican Brian Bilbray allegedly slightly outpolled Democrat Francine Busby in the special election for California’s 50th Congressional District, despite Busby’s lead in the polls going into the election. There were immediate cries of foul following the election due to major irregularities, including electronic voting machines sent out to the homes and cars of volunteers for up to 12 days prior to the election, and irregular election results like huge mega-precincts of absentee ballots where turnout was thousands of percent more than registered voters.

On June 13, 2006, Bilbray flew to Washington, DC and was sworn in as a member of the United States House of Representatives by House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

On or about June 30, 2006, 17 days after Bilbray was sworn in as a member of the House, Mikel Haas, Registrar of San Diego County, officially completed the audit of election results required for certification, and officially certified the election of Bilbray over Busby based on 163,931 votes cast, of which 2,053 votes were said to be cast on Diebold TSX touchscreens, and the remainder scanned via Diebold Accuvote OS computers.

On July 31, 2006, the Contestants filed an election contest, seeking a hand recount and to invalidate the election on several grounds, not only including the affirmative evidence of irregular results, but also including the stonewalling of citizen information requests and the pricing of recounts at an estimated $150,000 that made it difficult or impossible for any citizen to tell who won the election.

On August 22, 2006 the defendants moved to dismiss, arguing that the swearing in of Bilbray deprives everyone else of jurisdiction including specifically the San Diego Superior Court because Art. I, sec. 5 of the US Constitution has been held to mean that the House and Senate are the judges of the Qualifications of their Members, one of those qualifications is supposed to be “election.”

There is some thing very wrong with this sequence. Elections are not complete, anywhere, until they are officially certified by local authorities. How can a citizen get sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives before his or her election is certified? Only Speaker Dennis Hastert, his team, and Bilbray have the answer.

In a filling in San Diego Municipal Court yesterday, attorney Paul Lehto outlined the core in stark terms:

Defendants are in effect arguing for the remarkable proposition that unilateral self-serving actions by a majority party in the House of Representatives to shuttle in a member of the same party can be effective, even if those actions do violence to and amount to circumvention of other sections of the US Constitution as well as the California constitution. Document available here.Lehto is one of the two attorneys representing citizens who are challenging the election. Shortly after the last vote was cast, citizens discovered disturbing facts. Prior to Election Day, several poll workers had taken home voting machines for periods of a day to a week at a time without supervision or even consistent tracking procedures. Other irregularities like vote switching on touch screen machines emerged. Brad Friedman of www.BradBlog.com conducted an extensive investigation that uncovered a series of sloppy procedures by County Registrar Haas.

The election became an immediate cause for citizens, supporters of the losing candidate, and national voting rights activists. The results were also challenged by Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

A suit was filed by two local citizens challenging the election. The initial filing relied on the right of citizens to know that their votes are and counted correctly in order to assure that the candidate designated as the winner is in fact the winner. Part of the suit is a request, denied to date, for a recount of the ballots cast on Election Day.

In response to the suit, the County of San Diego filed a response questioning the authority of the local court to decide the case since (a) membership in the house was the province of the House of Representatives and (b) the speaker had already sworn in Bilbray.

Lehto and Simpkins filed a withering response to this argument. They point out that elections are the province of local and state authorities for all elections including federal contests, unless otherwise specified in the constitution. The following is form the filing yesterday:

Clearly, the swift swearing in did not end the election in the 50th Congressional District, and it did not render everything, including the certification of results weeks later, nugatory and without “jurisdiction.” If this swearing in had this effect, then in the course of dismissing this case the Court would be bound to conclude that the certification of the results after the swearing in of Bilbray was without force and effect, without jurisdiction, and in contravention of principles of federalism, as Defendants argue. That conclusion, however, requires either an absurdity, or the conclusion that our Congressional election was canceled by decision of the Speaker of the House, before all the votes were fully counted, and well before certification. Document available here.So there you have it. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the United House of Representatives, called “the peoples’ House,” now has the authority to nullify elections simply by swearing in candidates and claiming federal privilege based on one narrow section of the constitution, while completing ignoring the others, including the one stating that members of the House shall be elected every two years “by the People,” and not selected in Washington DC. Once again, the country is faced with a Bush v. Gore style selection manufactured in Washington DC, and if only the people did not know which party benefited and which party was hurt by the selection, the country would be unanimous in denouncing this power grab.

Ongoing support and interference by the House of Representatives or persons associated therewith continues in San Diego. Paul Vinovich, Counsel to the House Administration Committee, Chaired by Bob Ney, R, of Ohio, had a letter delivered to San Diego Superior Court presiding Judge Yuri Hoffman, with a number of arguments in favor of the Judge dismissing the case. This type of communication with members of the judiciary, particularly when another government authority is involved, is covered by strict rules. One such rule is that the ex parte communication be provided simultaneously to counsel for all involved. In his own hand, Vinovich says to plaintiff’s attorney Lehto, “Letter delivered to court last evening.” Lehto received the fax at 8:56 a.m. Thursday morning, many hours after the letter was admittedly provided to the judge by Vinovich.

In the letter, Vinovich admits the time sequence of a July 13 swearing in followed by a July 29th certification of the election and then, through circular reasoning, tries to use the certification as justification for the swearing in ceremony. He fails to note that Speaker Hastert would have needed psychic powers on June 13th to know that the swearing in of Bilbray would be justified by a June 29th certification.

We’re clearly at the point where members of the ruling party are making up rules post hoc to justify whatever actions they wish to take. We are also at a point where there is little if any opposition to this. The House is silent. With the exception of local and national voting rights activists and Chairman Dean, the opposing party is silent. The Defendants literally argue that the Courts are powerless to stop them (without jurisdiction). Friday will reveal whether the courts are powerless to stop this abuse of power and premature termination of elections.

Will Judge Yuri Hoffman carry on the emerging tradition of silence, or will he take us back to the courage and integrity shown by Judge John Sirica, a Republican appointee, who made history by demanding the truth from the Watergate burglars?


Friday, August 25, 2006

Lamont Rebounds?

Recent Quinnipiac and Rasmussen polls now show that Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont are neck and neck among the voters of Connecticut in their pursuit of becoming a senator of the state. Immediately after the Lamont victory in the Democratic Primary Republicans were motivated and polls showed that Lieberman had up to a 12%. Now Lieberman has a 2% lead. Once again I must say that I have very little confidence in the electoral system in this country. The exit polls can show one thing and the actual results can show the complete opposite. Recently Joe Lieberman has made public appearances with Republican candidates infuriating Democrats. At least two Democratic groups have initiated a movement to remove Lieberman from the race due to Connecticut Democratic laws that state that candidates cannot claim to align themselves with the Democratic party if they have not been endorsed by the Democratic party voters in a primary election.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New CBS Survivor Program Promotes Racism

Recently we have seen a series of publicly "racist" statements made by celebrities like Mel Gibson, Andrew Young and George Allen. Now Viacom owned CBS television wants to get in on the action by promoting its new Survivor series in which contestants will be grouped according to their ethnicity. This is a promotion for racial profiling. Whites vs. Blacks, Orientals vs. Hispanics et al. This is an outrage! ABC tried to launch a similar format which was met with widespread opposition before the program even aired. It is my hope that the same thing happens to this program. Right-wing radio personalities see nothing wrong with it. Tucker Carlson says this is all the fault of the "liberals" who he claims have put us all into tribes. Not only is that conclusion fallacious, it is also ridiculous. If this type of program would have been part of the Fox fall lineup I would oppose it as vehemently as I oppose this CBS entry, but there is a difference. We all know that Fox is a conservative, pro-Bush organization. CBS until recently was percieved as being fair and to a degree universal. This is just another in a long series of actions this network and its parent organization have made that cause me to re-evaluate my opinion of the network. 1) The Viacom purchase of BET(Black Entertainment Television). BET was at one time the most successful Black owned and operated entity on cable television. When Viacom purchased it, no longer was it Black owned and operated and although Viacom claims it will not influence programming I see a remarkable decrease in issue oriented programming and an increase in sexually oriented videos with scantilly clad females. The problem here is the time of day these videos are able to be viewed, if they were on exclusively during the late night hours I would have not objections. Education programming seems to have diminished. 2) The president of Viacom once said what is good for Bush is good for Viacom. This shows that one of the nation's primary entertainment outlets is at odds with the majority of the people of the United States who vigorously oppose Bush policies. 3) Viacom fired Dan Rather, an established anchor because of Rather's attempt to verify the absence of proof of George Bush's military obligations to his country when he was eligible to serve. There are those who would say this is no big deal because there was African-American opposition to the CBS show "All In The Family" when it premiered in the early seventies. Yes, the main character Archie Bunker was a racist, but there was always Edith Bunker to show him the error of his ways. Archie always ended up on the short end of the stick anyway. This show will promote divisions by positioning members of different racial groups against each other. The same energy that cancelled the ABC show should be used to cancel this one. I expect strong reactions from the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

George Bush's abstinance policy is a miserable failure in Ohio

The abstinance only policy of George W. Bush and the religious right with regard to pre-marital sex was a catasthrophe in Texas, well now we see that it is also a catasthrophe in Canton, Ohio. Since the city implemented the Bush endorsed policy the city has seen a dramatic rise in the number of unwanted pregnancies among teen-agers. The people of Canton have decided to discontinue the abstinance program. This type of archaic thinking has been imposed on the people of Africa. Because of this totally ineffective policy Africans are dying because the Bush administration is denying them contraceptives, and to add insult to injury African nations are still waiting for the money Mr. Bush promised he would give to fight A.I.D.S. The consistency of this administration is astounding. Everything Midas touched turned to gold. Everything George W. Bush touches turns to ___________(expletive deleted).

Friday, August 18, 2006

Two racist statements: Two different responses

The mainstream media was very anxious this morning to inform the public of the "racist" remarks made by Andrew Young, the African-American former United Nations Ambassador in the Carter Administration. Mr. Young was hired to bolster the image of Wal-Mart, especially among African-Americans. Apparently Mr. Young became frustrated and quit. He basically said something to the extent that Jews and Koreans have been selling stale bread in the black communites for years. The media wants to equate that racist statement with the one made by Virginia senatorial hopeful George Allen, who used a derogatory term "macaca" to refer to the only person of color in an all white audience. Racism is racism. Andrew Young's statement is just as abhorrent as George Allen's statement, however there is a significant difference between the way the two men reacted to the criticism of their statements. Andrew Young immediately took reponsibility for his statement. He apologized, admitting that it was wrong. George Allen went down a different road. He seemed to try to wiggle his way around accepting responsibility for th his racist statement. First Allen said that he wasn't really sure of the meaning of the word. It wasn't until the uproar of criticism that he actually apologized. Allen supporter talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh wasted no time in coming to Allen's defense by saying that he spoke to his Spanish speaking maid and she told him that "macaca" means "clown". That statement is not only wrong but it is insulting to the intelligence. As someone who teaches Spanish for a living I can tell you that the word for "clown" in Spanish is "payaso". Years ago Al Franken wrote a book with the title "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot" Now I see what Franken was talking about.

Lieberman Moves Ahead?

It is very unusual that the latest Quinnipiac University poll (as of August 18, 2006) gives Joe Lieberman a 12% lead over Ned Lamont. Should Lieberman win it would be another in a series of questionnable GOP/DLC victories. Even though Lieberman would be an Independent it would still be a GOP/DLC victory. Earlier it was reported by Rasmussen that Lieberman had a 5% lead, so this is disturbing news that could strengthen the Republicans in November, having a victory in a blue state. Lamont supporters inside and outside of Connecticut must get out and agitate, motivate and register.
It appears as if after Lamont's primary victory they felt the battle was over! In the event that Lieberman does win Harry Reid should be pressured to strip him of every post he had as a Democrat. Johnson's victory over McKinney is also questionnable, but in Georgia Republicans are permitted to vote in Democratic primaries, but that being so McKinney still won 44% to 41% yet she lost in the general election by a wide margin. This is suspicious. The Republican mantra after Mondale lost in Minnesota and Kerry and Gore lost in the two previous presidential fiascos was "Democrats are sore losers" and "Let's move on" Democrats are going to have to demand that every vote be counted and that there be a paper ballot. If you legitimately lose you have to accept it, but that is not the case in recent U.S elections where the exit polls show one thing and the election results show the opposite. Democrats should also focus on Texas, where the Republicans have been forced to have a write in candidate to replace Tom Delay. As a result Texas Democrats gloat and feel that the election is "in the bag". Although it appears as if the Republicans will have TWO write-in candidates Democrats should not be complacent. Even in this election Democrats should be wary of dirty tricks. The Bush Administration's approval rating has fallen to 36%, falling two points this week alone. It would appear to be out of the ordinary if Bush's party remains in control of both houses of Congress. We must keep in mind that the state of Florida has passed legislation making paper ballots and counting every individual vote illegal. How many other "red" states are contemplating the same action? So many districts have been gerrymandered (especially in Texas) to insure incumbent victories. Most Republicans are counting on Democrats to blow off some steam and as time goes by accept Republican rule and things will go on as usual.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Ironic Timing of George Allen's racist statements.

We have been told by some Republicans that "racism" played a decisive role in the defeat of Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic Primary of Connecticut. That obviously ridiculous claim is a slap in the face for all Democratic voters in Connecticut because it assumes that they didn't notice that he was Jewish when they sent him to Congress for eighteen years. It is "ironic" that further south in Virginia Republican senatorial candidate George Allen would show us who the real racist was. Mr. Allen had a rally of whites only and he just happened to notice that there was a person of color in the audience with a video camera who was taping him. Mr. Allen took advantage of this moment by attempting to embarrass this young 20 year old man of Indian descent who was working for his opponent Jim Webb, when he said "Welcome To America" Just because S.R. Sidarth had brown skin he immediately assumed that he was a newly arrived immigrant. Sidarth was born in the United States to Indian parents. To make matters even worse Allen refers to Sidarth as "Mr. Macaca" "Macaca" is a French derogatory term used for North Africans. Macaca sounds alot like the Spanish "Mi caca" in which "Mi" means "My and "caca" is one of several words for excrement. Whether Allen meant the French or the Spanish it still comes out as blatently racist. The good old boys were "whoopin' and hollerin' " for Republican George Allen, who was the star of the show. You can tell a lot about the people of an area by those they have chosen to represent them in Congress. Apparently racism is still alive and well in Virginia.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Ordeal of Christi Ketchum

The reports of police brutality or misconduct with regard to people of African descent are so numerous that the public has become numbed, almost to the state of indifference. It is no accident that the infamous Angola prison is filled with African-Americans. One must ask how many of them were forced to plea-bargain and even admit to crimes they didn't commit. How many of them were represented by lawyers who really didn't have their best interest at heart. Why do we have a black woman executed only because she bought a life insurance policy for her husband while a white man who was responsible for the beheading of a black man has his life spared? These two incidents happened in the state of Texas where in another community there was a police attempt to incarcerate an entire black community (including its senior citizens) on a ficticious drug charge. Fortunately through the efforts of people like the late "Grandpa" Al Lewis and comedian-activist Randy Credico the black people of Tulia, Texas were acquitted mainly because of the effort to bring this case to public scrutiny. White House Press Secretary Tony Roberts would have us believe that the days of blatant racial discrimination are over, but in reality it is alive and well.Recently I was informed of the case of Christi Ketchum. Here you will find an account of her ordeal in her own words.................. INCIDENT STATEMENT
The following is a factual statement regarding events that occurred to me on Saturday, June 10, 2006. I, Christi H. Ketchum with Damon Bowman patronized the El Ranchero Restaurant on Old National Highway. We enjoyed appetizers and I had a Sweet Tea. We left the restaurant after about 45 minutes and Damon went to pay the bill and go to the Bathroom and I proceeded to the parking lot and got in the car. It was very hectic in the parking lot with a lot of people and cars passing by so I backed out of the parking space to give someone else the spot. After I put the car in park there was an unidentified male with a royal blue t-shirt & black pants on the right side of my car and as I went forward to wait for Damon on the side of the building, he shined a flashlight into my car and smiled at me. I waved and continued forward then I heard a hard banging on the trunk of my car. I stopped the car and asked him “Is there something I can help you with?” He then came to the driver side acting very casual striking conversation asking “OHHHow I was doing,” “Why didn’t I stop,” “Where was I going,” and series of other questions including “Did I have any thing to drink?” I attentively listened and replied that I had a “Sweet Tea.” He continued to badger me for a few more minutes when he asked me to show him my Driver’s License. I asked him who he was and why he wanted to see my license. He asked the question over again and I told him No! He became very angry, raising his voice and I felt very vulnerable and scared as I was alone in my car, in a dark parking lot with a man hovering over me. I have seen men attack women in similar situations and intuitively the situation was going to very volatile, very quickly. I told him that I was leaving, put my car in Drive, and proceeded out of the crowded parking lot, stopped at the intersection waiting for the intersection to clear and made a right onto Old National Highway then waited at the intersection of Old National and Godby Road for oncoming traffic before turning left. As I proceeded down Godby I called Damon to let him know what happened to me. I was sitting at a Red Light then the light turned Green and I saw the flashing lights of police car and I pulled over. Officer Ivy came to my car he asked me where I was coming from and I told him the Mexican Restaurant and told him I just had an altercation with an unidentified man, he interrupted me and asked for my drivers license and informed me that the unidentified man was a Police Officer when two more police officers approached my car. I retrieved my driver’s license and tried to tell the officers what happened when Captain Kuzniacki and other officers told me to ‘Save it for the judge’ and Officer Ivy told me if Officer Bailey, the original man who approached me, identified me as the suspect I was going to jail. Also, he stated that by law he didn’t have to identify himself to me. A police car arrived with Officer Bailey, who got out of the car and told me to put my hands behind my back and told Officer Ivy to tell me what I was being charged with, Aggravated Assault against a Police Officer. I was completely shocked as I was put in the police car and was told my car would be impounded. I was taken to the College Park Police Station. As I arrived inside the holding area Officer Wade asked why I was there jokingly. I proceeded to tell him what happened - he said “Whatever” and I was handcuffed to the bench. I was given a Blood Alcohol Test by Officer Ivy. The results came back .000 he put a copy inside my purse and told me I should talk to Officer Bailey when he came to do the report. I was then placed in a holding cell with another lady. I waited in the cell and had to use the bathroom when Officer Bailey came to the cell. I came to the door and he told me I was being charged with Aggravated Assault against a Police Officer and Eluding a Police Officer. I pleaded with him that I was unaware that he was a Police Officer; I was really tired because I had just finished coordinating a week-long Youth Leadership Academy and could he please drop the charges. He told me that was too bad and he would be back after he wrote up the tickets. He came back and I was told to sign the tickets which was now a total of 4 charges/tickets that included the following: Aggravated Assault on Officer, Reckless Driving, Obstruction of Officer, Eluding a Police Officer. I asked why there were 2 more charges and he said there would have been another charge but he couldn’t find the code for it. I signed the tickets and continued waiting in the cell. After I was in the cell for approximately 3 hours, I was told to come out to get booked. When I came to the booking/reception area there was 3 other officers along with Office Bailey & Wade. They were very disrespectful as I waited to be booked. Some of the comments included “Them Dykes at Rice Street Going to Love you” by Officer Wade and one of the other Officers in the area said “I was lucky my brains weren’t sitting in the passenger seat.” I was also called the “Shitty Girl” because I had to defecate while in the holding cell. It was a totally demeaning, humiliating experience as I was ridiculed for quite some time. At one point when I was being fingerprinted Officer Wade told Officer Bailey he should “drop these bullshit charges” and Officer Bailey responded “I know.” I again pleaded with the Officers to no avail. After the booking was complete I was sent back to the holding cell. After the shift change later that morning I was transported by a Police Van handcuffed to another inmate in the back of a transport van. I was taken to Fulton County Rice Street Jail. There I was told I would not be able to bond out until my court date the next day, Monday, June 12th at 11 AM. During my Pre-Trail interview the staff lady told me to share my case with Sergeant Shaw, I told him about the incident and his response was “It sounds like a misunderstanding, and all I can say is I’m sorry that this happened to you.” I had to give a urine and blood sample and be given a TB test, along with being fingerprinted and photographed a second time. I was in the intake area on June 11 – from 9 AM –to well after 1 AM when I was taken to a cell. I was escorted to court the next morning. My case was heard first and I was represented by Attorney Ted Johnson. The Judge was very adamant about his disgust with the case and even said “the Officer was the one doing the assaulting.” The case was dismissed completely. The Attorney told me it would take 8 to 24 hours for me to be released. I was released Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 3 AM.

I am a child of a wonderful single mother, Patricia A. Franklin who has instilled great qualities of life for me to be an upstanding & outstanding women and professional. I have led a life that reflects responsibility, courage, and perseverance. In High School I was on the Honor Roll & Who’s Who of American High School Students. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University and have been a program director with Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide for 6 years. I work with youth ages 13-18 in their development as leaders and critical thinkers. I have always worked to make a difference in my community and be a role model.

My life will forever be changed by this horrible and traumatic experience. The things I endured during the 51 hours I was held are unreal. This has been especially disheartening as me along with youth leaders as we prepare for our 6th Annual Youth Day. The leaders have been working hard but this ongoing harassment and interference has interfered with my capacity to give these deserving youth my complete attention. In this clear case of misuse of power and privilege I am still feeling the effects. Friday, July 7th, I received a letter from Superior Court that the District Attorney’s Office took my case to a Grand Jury and I have to appear in court on July 31st, 2006 at 9:30 AM. I am outraged by this system and how I have been criminalized and victimized. I must tell my story because this happens every day and could happen to anyone.

THE FACTS………………………
I was on Private Property which limits jurisdiction
There was no probable cause to approach me or my vehicle
The unidentified man at the restaurant did not properly identify himself
The officer was off duty acting as a ‘peace officer’

One of the most devastating confirmations are the comments made by an Officer at the restaurant who made several comments in front of Damon on how they were going to make-up charges on me; they were going to use this as a case study; and how College Park rookies are being trained as attack dogs. I was sexually harassed, and falsely charged and targeted with intent to punish cruel and unusually based on the severity of the charges.

I need people who can actively give critical advice re: officials that I should contact
Call and/or send letters to the College Park Police Department, (404) 761-3131 to voice your outrage re: the practices of their officers. Address: P.O. Box 87137, College Park, GA 30337.
Be ready to attend and mobilize for any future hearings, actions etc.
I really need your support & love as I endure this personal attack. I will be in touch and keep you all updated.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lamont Victory in Connecticut SHOULD send message to DINOS

The voters of Connecticut have spoken. They voted for a change that will send a message to all "Democrat" enablers who passively support Republican policies. I hope that this message reverberates to all DLC Democrats. Ned Lamont, a virtual unknown came from nowhere to defeat Joseph Lieberman, an influencial Senator with 18 years of experience. Throughout Lieberman's concession speech he kept championing the cause of "bipartisanship" as he emphasized working with Republicans and extending an arm across the aisle. This was something I could not understand. The Republicans control all three branches of government, squandered billions of dollars on an illegal war, given tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% of the country and made an attempt to dismantle Social Security. Why on Earth would a Democrat want to work with the Republican administration that is determined to take from the poor and give to the rich? Mr. Lieberman and the media tried to portray Ned Lamont as being a one issue candidate. Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Lamont have different perspectives on a host of issues. Mr. Lieberman (and other DLC Democrats) went right along with the new unjust bankruptcy bill. Mr. Lieberman acquiesed with legislation that favored the pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Lieberman was willing to accept the removal of the estate tax for the wealthy in order to get an increase in the minimum wage for the rest of us. Mr. Lieberman also voted to increase the salaries of Congress members. This is the congress that has been dubbed the "Do nothing Congress" that can't raise the minimum wage but has no problem providing 200 million dollars for the Alaskan bridge to nowhere. There was a time when Joe Lieberman once said to Lowell Weicker that it was time for a change after 18 years, well in the 2006 primary the voters of Connecticut have come to the same conclusion with regard to Joe Lieberman.......after 18 years it is time for a change. As Michael Moore so aptly put it "It's all about who you sleep with" and for far too long Joe Lieberman has been sleeping with Conservative Republicans. What I found particularly disturbing about this election was the unexpectedly narrow margin of the Lamont victory. Even though pollsters at one time or another gave Lamont as much as a 20 point lead Lamont won by an uncomfortably close 52% to 48%, which should make the general election in November a close contest also. Will Republicans vote for their candidate Alan Schlesinger or will they support their buddy and Bush confidant Joe Lieberman? Will the general election be tampered with? Are we being set-up?.......again. Since 2000 the integrity of the electoral process must ALWAYS be under scrutiny. I hope that other DINOS (Democrats In Name Only) take notice of the Lieberman defeat.......especially Ford of Tennessee. There are 63 lobbyists for every elected member of Congress, who is under pressure to do the bidding of agents of foreign governments as well as multinational corporations while the cost of being elected becomes more and more expensive. The progressive wing of the Democratic party has to make its voice heard not only in Connecticut but across the country. DLC democrats like Joe Lieberman do not represent the will of the people who sent them to Congress. Republicans and DLC Democrats are quick to praise Lieberman for going his own way on the Iraq war , but they have to realize that Lieberman was elected to do the will of the people and if the people want him to go one way and he goes another he is neglecting the will of the people that should always take precedence.