Monday, July 10, 2006

Allegations of fraud stain Mexican presidential election

It appears as if outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox has learned a few things about stealing an election from his buddy George W. Bush. Greg Palast predicted that Calderon would win and that chicanery would play a major role in his victory. Palast was among the first to expose how Katherine Harris removed the names of eligible African-Americans from Florida's eligible voters list. Reports of a possible theft continue to grow with regard to the recent Mexican presidential election. Even MSNBC reported "Lopez Obrador said his lawyers would give the Federal Electoral Court evidence of fraud, including computerized manipulation of the results, a day after he held a mammoth rally in Mexico City’s historic center and called on his supporters to help keep his hope alive." The recent winning streak of leftist candidates in Latin America (Brasil, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia) has finally gotten the attention of the Bush administration, which did not want such a government at its borders. The Fox administration has the support of the Mexican upper class but it has the disdain of the lower and lower middle classes. Bush administration supported policies like NAFTA have hurt the poor forcing many of them to find a better life in the United States. It is important to keep in mind that proving wrongdoing does not necessarily mean invalidation of election results in the United States. We know that there was tampering with telephones in New Hampshire by Republican operatives. We are well aware of documentented irregularities in Ohio and Florida, but it has meant absolutely NOTHING here in the USA. Only a handful of Democratic candidates even mention it. Whether or not this will be the case in Mexico remains to be seen. At the present time George W. Bush's party has made a slight gain in US public opinion but being at 41% is far below what would be needed to take congress and the White House in 2008. I feel that it will be a little more difficult for the right wing powers that be to steal the '08 election but it is NOT impossible as long as they continue to benefit from a supportive national media, an apathetic electorate and an inexplicably docile opposition party. Even now Greg Palast is telling us how the Republicans will steal The White House in '08.

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