Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fair Elections.......still THE issue

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I have told anyone who would listen that the first priority of Democrats should be the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004. Some Democrats are doing exactly that I commend Rep. John Conyers for the outstanding work he continues to do along with a few colleagues in Congress. But among the "major" Democratic candidates for the presidency in 2008 I hear nothing or next to nothing. Today's USA Today headine says "Democrats Are Slipping In Race For Statehouses" I don't know if this is true or not, it could be wishful thinking on the part of a publication that is more inclined to be on the right, but what if it IS true? then what? For the past three months Democrats have been in a state of euphoria with countless Republican scandals and Bush's poll numbers in the toilet. But it looks as if Democrats are very close to controlling the Senate and possibly the House too.......if the elections were held today. But we have to look at a few things carefully....1) Busby lost in California. I know there are those who say that Duke Cunningham's district was heavily Republican and that it is a miracle the Busby did as well as she did...BUT once again there were allegations of foul play....and once again Democrats were silent. It looksas if Karl Rove is going to get off scott-free. He will have plenty of time to create chicanery for Republicans. What the morally challenged Republicans hope for is that the polls narrow so that they can steal it again. We are going to be told in '08 that Bill Frist is not George Bush, or thatJohn McCain in not George Bush, or that Rudy Giuliani is not George Bush.... and it's true theyaren't but what major Bush policy did they oppose......NONE. Only 38% of the people of the United States vote and of the 38% more than half of them can be fooled into voting against their own interest by the media so the political waters are not as rosy as some Democrats would have us believe. The heart of the matter is that if we want an end to Republican cronyism, racism and classism we are going to have to fight with the same bulldog tenacity of Karl Rove. This president believes he is above the law and there are very few Democrats who have the intestinal fortitude to challenge him. At a time when Howard Dean is trying his best to increase the number of Democratic voters in traditionally Republican states Senators Schumer and Emmanuel are advocates of following the same losing stragedy by preaching to the choir in spending heavily in Democratic states. This is a prescription for failure. Senator Schumer also played a pivotal role in discouraging the candidacy of a vocally Anti-Bush Democrat (Paul Hackett) who just happened to be an Iraq war veteran for running in Arkansas. It is the common people who must determine who is the real progressive Democrat and who is the DLC stooge. Here we find really the only bright spot. Democratic funding raising is surpassing Republican fundraising because the common man and woman's small donations are surpassing the huge fat cat donations to the Republicans. But this too will mean nothing if we don't have the guarantee of fair elections.
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