Saturday, May 13, 2006

A letter to Rep. Pelosi

Since Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi assured Republicans and Tim Russert that Democrats would NEVER impeach George Bush I feel obligated to encourage all Democrats to let Ms. Pelosi know that the overwhelming majority of Democrats disagree with her on this issue. Please contact her at ] like I did. Dear Ms. Pelosi,
Never in my lifetime have I seen a more worthy candidate for impeachment than George W. Bush, and I have been around for the presidencies of eleven who occupied the white house. This unelected president lied to the American people about the necessity for war and as a result almost 3000 US soldiers are dead. This president also invaded the privacy of over 220, 000 U.S. citizens without the required authority. This is the only president in US history to grant huge tax cuts to the wealthy during a time of war. I wonder have you forgotten the agony Republicans caused Bill Clinton. He WAS impeached for a purely personal matter that had nothing to do with his responsibilities as president. The Republicans played hardball with Clinton and with members of his administration. It is time for Democrats to return the favor. I am sick and tired of Democrats who show no backbone. During the height of the Iran-Contra scandal Republicans told Democrats to "Go easy on Ronald Reagan" who was obviously responsible for overlooking Oliver North's complicity with permitting drug sales within the United States with the intent of raising funds for the contras of Nicaragua. Senator Kerry along with the majority of Democrats appeased the Republicans by not holding Reagan responsible.They looked the other way. How did the Republicans repay the kindness of these compassionate Democrats?..........they impeached Clinton. This is more than likely the most unpopular Congress in US history...not only are the people angry about Republican actions, they are just as angry about Democratic inaction. I was so upset when I heard your recent conversation with Tim Russert on "Meet The Press" It appeared as if you were going out of your way to insure him that Democrats would not impeach Mr. Bush. Maybe you are not aware that progressive Democrats are ANGRY, and they are the majority of the Democratic party. They want Bush IMPEACHED. If someone commits a heinous crime then he must pay the consequences. What Bush has done is much worse that what Nixon and Clinton combined have done. The majority of rank and file Democrats want George W. Bush impeached. As a Congressional leader of the Democratic party we as Democrats expect you to represent the wishes of the majority of Democrats. If you fail to do so you are giving the nation the impression that there is one set of rules for Democrats and another set of rules for Republicans. Sincerely, Claude Chaney

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