Saturday, May 13, 2006

A letter to Rep. Pelosi

Since Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi assured Republicans and Tim Russert that Democrats would NEVER impeach George Bush I feel obligated to encourage all Democrats to let Ms. Pelosi know that the overwhelming majority of Democrats disagree with her on this issue. Please contact her at ] like I did. Dear Ms. Pelosi,
Never in my lifetime have I seen a more worthy candidate for impeachment than George W. Bush, and I have been around for the presidencies of eleven who occupied the white house. This unelected president lied to the American people about the necessity for war and as a result almost 3000 US soldiers are dead. This president also invaded the privacy of over 220, 000 U.S. citizens without the required authority. This is the only president in US history to grant huge tax cuts to the wealthy during a time of war. I wonder have you forgotten the agony Republicans caused Bill Clinton. He WAS impeached for a purely personal matter that had nothing to do with his responsibilities as president. The Republicans played hardball with Clinton and with members of his administration. It is time for Democrats to return the favor. I am sick and tired of Democrats who show no backbone. During the height of the Iran-Contra scandal Republicans told Democrats to "Go easy on Ronald Reagan" who was obviously responsible for overlooking Oliver North's complicity with permitting drug sales within the United States with the intent of raising funds for the contras of Nicaragua. Senator Kerry along with the majority of Democrats appeased the Republicans by not holding Reagan responsible.They looked the other way. How did the Republicans repay the kindness of these compassionate Democrats?..........they impeached Clinton. This is more than likely the most unpopular Congress in US history...not only are the people angry about Republican actions, they are just as angry about Democratic inaction. I was so upset when I heard your recent conversation with Tim Russert on "Meet The Press" It appeared as if you were going out of your way to insure him that Democrats would not impeach Mr. Bush. Maybe you are not aware that progressive Democrats are ANGRY, and they are the majority of the Democratic party. They want Bush IMPEACHED. If someone commits a heinous crime then he must pay the consequences. What Bush has done is much worse that what Nixon and Clinton combined have done. The majority of rank and file Democrats want George W. Bush impeached. As a Congressional leader of the Democratic party we as Democrats expect you to represent the wishes of the majority of Democrats. If you fail to do so you are giving the nation the impression that there is one set of rules for Democrats and another set of rules for Republicans. Sincerely, Claude Chaney

Friday, May 12, 2006

Floyd Patterson (1944 - 2006)

In my lifetime I have had the pleasure of meeting three heavyweight boxing champions, a svelt Joe Frazier at a supermarket in Somerset, New Jersey, Sugar Ray Robinson during the broadway production of The Wiz, and Floyd Patterson who just happened to be walking around Times Square. I have never really been a fan of boxing but I remember vividly when I was a kid the exploits of Patterson, Liston and Muhammad Ali were fascinating to someone just entering his teens. This was the dawn of the civil rights era and these three champion boxers were so radically different from each other that they represented three paths black males could take. Ali (at that time known as Cassius Clay) was young and confident. Fiercely independent, he spoke his mind regardless of what another thought. His conversion to the nation of Islam and his absolute refusal to serve in what he believed to be an unjust war earned him the respect and admiration of many people including whites, but to young blacks he became larger than life. Sonny Liston on the other hand was someone who had a checkered past with connections to organized crime. He was such a powerful puncher whose primary interest appeared to be self preservation. I know of no occasions when Liston would speak out on the issues of that affected black America the way Ali would. Then there was Floyd Patterson, who was the quiet perfect gentleman, who was the first ever to regain a heavyweight crown. Politically Patterson and Ali reminded me of Dubois and Washington, both role models but at the same time radically different from each other. To me it seemed as if the two men actually hated each other. Patterson in his heart of hearts was concerned about the image Ali projected as being stubborn, cocky and definitely unpatriotic. Patterson refused to call Ali by his chosen name, insisted on calling him "Cassius Clay" When Ali fought Patterson for the crown, Ali asked him several times "What is my name?" After receiving several punishing blows Patterson went down in defeat but continued to call Ali, Cassius Clay. Floyd Patterson was physically small for a heavyweight. Whenever he stepped into the ring the opponent always looked bigger, but most of the time (until the 60s) Patterson would come out the winner. History will remember him as one of the "greats"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Creeping Fascism

Fascism seems to creep gradually into dominance. Hitler took advantage of one
Window of opportunity, which led to a succession of triumphs and before the German
People knew it they were ruled by a fascist racist dictator. The same process seems to be
Taking place in the United States today. When George W. Bush convinced a cowardly
Congress to disregard the constitution and give him the exclusive ability to execute a war
George W. Bush saw his window of opportunity. When the Downing Street Memo
Revealed that George W. Bush had every intention of attacking Iraq with no justification
And nothing was said it gave Bush another triumph and a king-like swagger which
Implied that for a president there is no action that is illegal. Because The United States’
Government and a huge segment of its populace did nothing the outrages of the
Bush administration continued giving the Democrats little if any opportunity to have
An investigation. Today another outrage…..according to USA Today over 200,000 phones are being tapped by the NSA. The entire US population is estimated to be a little
More than 300,000, this means that almost every family in the country has its phones
Tapped. It this isn’t fascism then I don’t know what is. Verizon and Bell South are among
The conspirators to this heinous crime that goes against everything The United States
Stands for. George W. Bush tells the people that he is “not” listening to conversations, just keeping track of calling patterns. How can anyone believe him when he has lied on
Other occasions…..especially about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in
Iraq. All search engines are also being bullied into submission in order to gather information about the online inquires of US inhabitants. This is an act that directly
insults the constitution. This nation sends soldiers to the far corners of the earth to
strengthen democracy yet we don’t have democracy here at home.
What are US citizens going to do now? I am sure that there are even more outrages
To come. What is going to be done about it? Well nothing has been done thus far.
Does George W. Bush seem to be the least bit concerned about his ridiculously low
Poll numbers? May he isn’t concerned because he has some assurances from those who
Have conspired with him from the corporate world. If ever there was a time to act, it is
Now. It may already be too late.