Friday, April 14, 2006

Greg Palast: "Venezuela now #1 oil producing nation"

According to political investigative reporter Greg Palast "Venezuela now has MORE oil than Saudi Arabia." This is the same Greg Palast who was the first to report that Katherine Harris took the names of thousands of eligible African-Americans from Florida voting lists during the 2000 Bush/Gore presidential campaign. The Republican party is actually funding the Hugo Chavez opposition. This is a totally illegal operation. In spite of all the Republican/Endowment For Democracy efforts Hugo Chavez's popularity continues to grow in Venezuela. He has been elected four times. This explains the reasons for US involvement in the attempted coup of Chavez. Hugo Chavez has endeared himself to a huge segment of the U.S. public by providing petroleum products to several U.S. states at reduced costs. This is coming at a time when the price of oil is inching up towards 3.00 a gallon at most gas pumps. At the same time the US ambassador to Venezuela has infuriated local residents in rural Venezuela with his obviously political donations of food and other ammenities in an attempt to irritate and embarrass Hugo Chavez. This tactic apparently is not working because angry residents hurled food items at the ambassador, who is saying that this was all engineered by Hugo Chavez. The Bush administration seems to be determined to initiate a war with Iran (another oil producer) while vigorously attacking Venezuela (4th U.S. supplier of petroleum) while gas prices at the pump here in the U.S. are rising makes the Bush Administration look absolutely clueless after the Iraq fiasco. History teaches us that it is unwise to be fighting several wars simultaneously....look at what happened to Hitler, Napoleon and Caesar.

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