Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bethel Gospel Assembly Choir Celebrates 27th Anniversary with Easter Concert

On Saturday, April 15 The Bethel Gospel Assembly Church
Celebrated the choir’s 27th Anniversary with a delightful evening of
music and dance. The music was provided by the Bethel Gospel
Assembly Choir under the direction of Ms. Beverly L. Robinson, which
performed several outstanding selections including the inspiring
“God Has a Blessing” Special guest Craig Crawford, an accomplished
saxophonist not only entertained those present with his extraordinary
numbers on the saxophone, but he also captivated his audience with his
testimonial. Mr. Crawford had been laid off for his job and had only
two thousand dollars to embark on a musical career. That $2,000 dollars
surprisingly became $28,000 after Crawford convinced others to
invest in his career. The dance of the evening was provided by “Beauty
for Ashes” which provided contemporary choreography to several of the
choir’s numbers.
Ms. Zelda Washington was among the stellar solo vocalists.
Like Mr. Crawford, Ms. Washington also had a remarkable testimony.
She shared the horrendous experience of Hurricane Katrina and the
devastating effects it had on her family and friends in New Orleans. It
has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, well those
in the audience saw exactly what Ms. Washington was talking about
when they saw the slide show of the destroyed homes and flooded
highways of New Orleans after the wrath of the hurricane. Elder Mimsie
Robinson narrated the story of Jesus Christ between the music and
dance performances. Congratulations to Rev. Carlton T. Brown, Rev.
Gordon E. Williams, Minister of Music Beverly L. Robinson and all of
the outstanding performers for giving all present a night to remember;
An excellent time was had by all.

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