Sunday, March 12, 2006

Will Preval prevail?

Rene Preval has been elected president of Haiti with over 80 percent of the popular vote. He even won in many strongholds of his opponents. There have been numerous complaints of foul play by the opposition, many unsubstantiated claims of voting irregularities yet Preval prevailed as the true choice of the people of Haiti. This victory is a bittersweet one because the Haitian government has been redesigned so that the person who really has the power is the one chosen by parliament to be the Prime Minister. As of this date 3/12/06 a Prime Minister has not been chosen. France, Canada, The United Nations and of course The Bush Administration of The United States have collaborated to thwart true democracy in Haiti. It is a proven fact that the true leader of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristides was overthrown in a U.S. designed coup d'etat which Mr. Bush denies to this day, but the facts once again show him to be a liar. It comes as no surprise that this administration would be involved in the internal affairs of another nation. We see what has happened in Iraq. It is no surprise either to see that France is involved in the overthrow of the legitimately elected Aristides because prior to the coup sentiment was strong to demand reparations from France, since it was that nation who was responsible primarily for the devastation of Haitian soil. But Canada has long had the reputation of being a peaceful country. The only explanation I can come up with is perhaps because now in Canada conservatives are in power. I also have no idea why Brasil and Chile would send troops to Haiti to supress the will of the masses of Haitian people. Although Rene Preval won the election, the election itself must be suspect because it took place under the auspices of The United States. The American press doesn't touch the topic of Haiti, so as a result the majority of Americans know nothing or close to nothing about the coup. If anything is reported in the American press it is usually a denial of US participation in the coup and a presentation of Aristides as being an evil dictator. The Haitian people however appear to be as determined as ever to determine their own destiny in spite of the return of the despised Tonton Macoutes, which enjoys US government support. It is a shame that an administration that is so quick to use the words "freedom" and "democracy" has done everything in its power to suppress those ideals in Haiti. The authenticity of the new Haitian "democracy" will be evident when we see the first clash between Preval and the Prime Minister.

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