Monday, March 13, 2006

Russ Feingold's censure proposition shows he may be the Dems' best candidate for the White House in '08

Russ Feingold (D-Wis) is one Democrat who isn't afraid to tell the emperor he doesn't have any clothes on. Feingold proposed a censure on the president-select, which is viewed by many as a really bold move. What is really needed is impeachment, but this step taken by Feingold is a step that no other democrat in the senate has dared to take. This move is merely a slap on the wrist but I welcome it, in fact I applaud it. This act will not go unnoticed among the millions of true Democrats who have watched their party develop collective larangitis and permit the Republicans to ruin the country. I advise both Democrats and even moderate Republicans (if there is still such a thing) to call your senators now and ask them to support Russ Feingold's proposition for censure. There has never been a president more worthy of this kind of action. Bush's subversive use of the NSA to wiretap US citizens is an impeachable act. More Democrats should be actively supporting Feingold, especially when you keep in mind Bill Clinton was impeached for a far less criminal act. Are Democrats (especially DLC Democrats) afraid that they may be viewed as being "unpatriotic"? The president-select's poll numbers are in the toilet. What is there to be afraid of? Feingold was NEVER fooled. He was the only US Senator to oppose giving Bush extraordinary aggressive powers to invade Iraq. Every American should be asking himself (or herself) why was Feingold the ONLY one to see through Bush? At this early date I haven't endorsed any candidate for the Democratic nomination, but at this point Russ Feingold is looking very good. Today Joe Biden said that now he supports sending the troops back home from Iraq. I am glad to hear him say this. Hillary Clinton has yet to say this, Russ Feingold said it a long time ago. If Biden had said this previously I could say that he has insight and was forward thinking, but Feingold said we never should have gone there to begin with. Biden is making his statement when Bush has the support of only 35% of the American people. For a long time now there has been concern about the backbone of the Democratic party. Democrats on the whole have been outmanuovered and always to willing to compromise and in many cases vote against wishes of the people who sent them to Congress in the first place. John Conyers of Michigan continues his courageous quest for impeachment hearings but as of 3/14/06 he only has 30 of 202 possible Democratic votes for impeachment. The time has come to replace both Republicans and many Democrats in Congress, both need to be replaced by pro-active progressive Democrats who put the interests of the people before the interests of corporations and religious fanatics. Russ Feingold seems to represent a good step in the correct direction.

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