Friday, March 10, 2006

More Claims of Disenfranchisement with Cuellar-Rodriguez election in Texas; Once again Dems silent

Three powerful Bush allies in the democratic party are Lieberman (a.k.a. Mr. DLC), Ford and Cuellar, the latter has just been re-elected in Texas in an election in which once again there were allegations of foul play. This should have been something real Democrats should be fuming about, but I haven't heard anything. This is precisely why I am concerned about who will become the Democratic party's nominee in 2008. There is an army of lobbyists representing the insurance companies, the oil companies, the gun manufacturers and the pharmaceuticals. Republicans need the cash that these companies provide and so do the Democrats. As a result we have politicians on both sides of the aisle who are doing the bidding of these companies and now we still don't have a national health care plan, seniors are more confused than ever about prescription plans and the recent bankruptcy law makes it almost impossible the middle income wage earner to declare bankruptcy. Republicans have been given a free ride mainly because Democrats have not been acting like an opposition party. The horrendous patriot act sails through Congress, the food industry's bid to remove content information labeling from their products, just passed through the house. Bush has packed the Supreme Court with ultra-conservatives like Sam Alito, completely ignoring their powerful weapon......the filibuster. Bush has stolen two presidential elections and with the exception of John Conyers and a handful of others MOST Democrats say NOTHING! It really doesn't make if the grassroots Democrats (who numerically dominate the party) are ready willing and able to do battle against Bush initiatives if you have Democrats like Lieberman, Ford and Cuellar who are in positions of influence working for the Republicans. Senator Schumer's (D- N.Y) refusal to back Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett in Ohio* shows us that something is terribly wrong. Of the Democrats who are potential candidates for the presidency almost all of them support the war in Iraq. They don't do it enthusiastically, but nevertheless they do it. They refuse to give up the notion that they have to run towards the right. They are still afraid of being perceived as "un patriotic" Mark Warner has so many positions that embrace Republicanism that should be a Republican. Hillary Clinton is still a card carrying member of the DLC. Joe Biden doesn't criticize the war. He criticizes the way Bush is running the war. So even with the plethera of Republican misshaps the Democrats are still silent. You can't impeach Bush unless you have Democrats who have the "intestinal fortitude" to do so. If they are not willing to speak out against the alleged Cuellar-Rodriguez voter disenfranchisement, nor the Bush-Kerry voter disenfranchisement, nor the Bush-Gore voter disenfranchisement, what makes you think they will be victorius in 2008?

*Special thanks to "Anonymous" who noticed that I had originally written Arkansas instead of Ohio

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Anonymous said...

Paul Hackett wasn't running in Arkansas but in Ohio.