Saturday, March 11, 2006

Claude Allen arrested in Maryland

One of the few high profile African-Americans in the Bush administration Claude Allen has been arrested in Maryland for receiving stolen property. Allen is another family values hypocrit who was Karl Rove's enforcer in his battles against the HHS. It seems unusual that conservatives who are so quick to say that they work for what they get are so often entangled in deceptive financial policy. Claude Allen, like Clarence Thomas, like Armstrong Williams are perceived by a large segment of black America as prominent individuals who are not working in the best interests of people of African descent here in the U.S and abroad. Allen was an advocate of the movement to replace science based sex education with abstinence only programs which have been dismal failures wherever they have been instituted. Allen played a major role in the destruction of the Centers for Disease Control, eliminated safe-sex materials from their websites and other educational materials. One of Louisiana's federally funded abstinance programs said that condoms don't work in preventing the spread of aids while handing out bibles. This black conservative also staged anti-abortion prayer rallies outside women's clinics. He repeatedly persecuted successful Aids Programs that encouraged condom use. This is yet another example of a member of the ethically challenged Bush administration having problems with the law. Claude Allen represents the new black leadership Bush wanted to promote. It appears as if this black conservative bible-toting homophobe is a theif who may be headed to jail. The list of names gets longer and longer...Rove, Libby, Frist, Abramoff, Noe, Taft, Williams, Delay, Cunningham and now Allen.

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