Friday, February 10, 2006

"Republican Apparel Ad" a mystery to me

I want to let all people who read this blog know that I had absolutely nothing to do with the advertisement entitled "Republican Apparel" that recently appeared on this blog without my consent. I am beside myself with anger that someone at Google Adsense thought this ad should appear on my blog. I would NEVER do anything to support the advocates of this murderous imperial presidency. I don't usually make generalizations but the current Republican party as a whole is a criminal enterprise connected to the Enron plundering of its employee's pension plans, the genocide in New Orleans and indirectly in Darfur, the absolute dismantling of any attempt to protect the environment, the genocide in Africa caused by preventing people from using contraceptions and above all dragging the United States into an unwarrented war based on a lie. Delay, Abramoff, Noe et. al are all Republicans currently in court because of extortion, theft, cronyism and ineptitude. Are there Republicans who oppose Bush policies?.... of course there are but they are very quiet and powerless, which makes them part of the problem, and if they are part of the problem they can't be part of the solution. With Samuel Alito (another ultra conservative) and the DLC acceptance of the Patriot Act the United States finds itself close to the situation Germany was in just before Hitler came to power. In my point of view "Republican Apparel is only fit for toilet paper".


Anonymous said...

It is inconsiderate, ignorant, idiots like you that are making the differences in this country bigger, the gaps in economy greater, and all in all running us in the ground. Maybe then you should live in Darfur and help those people yourself instead of this country you so hate.

Claude said...
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