Friday, February 24, 2006

Massive Demonstration against John Stossel and ABC by New York City Teachers planned for March 8. 2006

Right wing broadcasters dominate cable TV newscasts and with John Stossel they are also overexposed on network television as well. Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'reilly do not let anyone with an opposite point of view get a word in edgewise without becoming outrageously loud and emotional. Limbaugh doesn't let anyone with an opposing point of view on his show and he screens callers so that only his point of view can be heard. Then there is John Stossel the right wing mouthpiece of 20/20 who continues to say "Give Me A Break" well that's exactly how I feel watching his one sided affairs. Mr. Stossel is not loud and abrasive like the three other aformentioned conservative champions. Stossel's style in toned down and relaxed, but he can bend the truth just as quickly as the big three. John Stossel has been taken to task on more than one occasion for bending the truth. Once I remember him making a rare public apology. I sometimes wonder if he receives a bundle of money from the Heritage foundation to do what he does.As recently as January 13, 2006 Stossel went on the attack against teachers, and this wasn't the first time. He focused his ire on the New York City schoolteachers who recently received a pay raise that Stossel felt was unwarranted. By mentioning the actions of two teachers accused of committing perverted acts with children Stossel led his audience to believe that the New York City school system is rampant with perverts who prey on young children. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The percentage of teachers who develop unsavory relationships with their underage students is very small. He has also said that parochial schools, where teachers are paid considerably less do a better job educating New York City's children. What Stossel doesn't tell you is that the New York City Public School system has to take ALL students whereas the private schools are selective. Any student who chronically misbehaves is shown the door. Since the parochial school parent pays for his or her child's education dysfunctional behavior is rare. Even with this in mind statistics show that there is negligible difference between the performance levels of elementary school students of private and public schools in New York City. The rightwingers are on a campaign to privitize everything especially the education system in New York which still has a strong union. The conservative voucher advocates are smarting from the colossal failure of the Edison project in San Francisco and the total rejection of the same program in New York. Stossel says that the typical New York City schoolteacher only works for only six hours and forty minutes a day. This is a very misleading statement because it doesn't take into account the fact that most teachers take their work home with them and can easily spend three or more hours in preparation and correcting papers. The United Federation of Teacher's Michael Hirsh states "Petitioners accuse Stossel's "Stupid in America" segment of having "distorted the UFT's acrimonious contract struggle, denigrating teacher professionalism and bolstering management'sattacks on teacher tenure and due process rights by summarily dismissing the union's responses." "At the February 8 DA, a resolution on achieving a fair and timely contract at the next bargaining round also referred to Stossel :and other right-wing commentators, who, in making their case for vouchers, seek to destroy public education and teacher unionism in America." On March 8, 2006 there will be a massive protest against Stossel and ABC by New York City School teachers. Commentators like Stossel must be watched very carefully since most people believe everything that they see on TV.... even if it is a lie. Apparently ABC has no problem with Stossel's manipulation of the truth. People have been complaining for years yet Stossel is still there. Now Stossel and ABC are going to learn that teachers are going to fight back with a vengeance heretofore not seen. New York City schoolteachers hope to enlighten Mr. Stossel the same way that the nurses of California enlightened Mr. Schwarzenegger.

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