Saturday, December 03, 2005

2005 - The Year In Review - The Last Post of 2005

This site, Anti-DLC Coalition is now one year old. This site was developed specifically to oppose the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council). It is not the only site with this objective but
looking back I am pleased to say that contact was made with well meaning Democrats, who were just not aware of this cancer within the Democratic Party. At the end of 2005 the DLC Democrat and the Progressive Grass Roots Democrat find themselves in a battle for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. The efforts of Cindy Sheehan (Anti DLC Coalition's Person Of The Year) have opened many eyes to the deceptive nature of the Bush Administration and its DLC allies who brought the nation to war based on the lies that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and
Al-Qaeda had Iraqi connections. At year's end many prominent GOP personalities have serious problems with the law, seriously tarnishing the party that prided itself for its "morals" Recent developments have shown that the majority Republicans are finding it more difficult to get their legislation passed because of the new awareness of Democrats' constituencies. Republicans could depend on Democrats (especially DLC Democrats) to vote along with them. A major sign of success is not seeing Connecticut's Joe Lieberman go on and on about reaching across the aisle. So I guess I can say in this regard 2005 has been a good year.
There are quite a few thank yous that I must give out. Thanks to the 259 people who made profiles inquiries. A special thanks to August Keso, who permitted quite a few of my articles to
run on the website Progressive Daily Beacon. Thanks to all those who responded to the "Bush Lie" contest. Thanks to the 26 people who posted comments: Benoit LaPierre, Hendrik, Gar,
Adam, HisMuse, Roberto Iza, Alcuin Bramerton, Jesselauren, Pat Young, Underground CEO,
Melanie Alamo, Gorilla Man, Susan Hanson, Adrenaline Junkie, Anonymous, Daniel, Argangel,
Kathleen399Elliot, Arcangel, Daniel, John McAdams, Gizmo, Mpg, Car Insurance, Sonya, Jerk
Power News and Prayer Power. Thank you to the people of Blogger who made this possible. Thank you to Adsense/Google for choosing the correct ads that complimented my political perspective. May 2006 bring us an impeachment, never before has one individual been more worthy of this dubious distinction than George W.Bush. My condolences go out to the families of the 2080 (and growing) list of American military men and women who have lost their lives for the greedy objectives of those like Vice President Cheney, who never served when it was their turn (5 deferments) but were so eager to send other people's sons and daughters off to die in an unjust war. A special thanks to the thousands who were able to protest the School Of The Americas in Georgia. Peace on Earth in 2006.....and beyond. -Claude Chaney