Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Off-year election results send strong message to GOP

The American voter let the Bush administration know exactly where it stood this past election day. All four of Arnold Swarzenegger's initiatives lost in California. Bush's last minute decision to campaign in Virginia actually hurt the G.O.P gubernatorial candidate proving that in the very red state of Virginia a Bush endorsement means absolutely nothing. In a very nasty campaign with oft repeated smears by Doug Forrester and John Corzine's ex-wife against Senator Corzine proved ineffective: in fact many say that they voted for Corzine because of the Forrester smears and intrusion into the private life of his gubernatorial adversary. If this trend continues (and I see no reason why it shouldn't) and more convictions are given to Delay, Frist and Rove. Republicans may lose their
Impeachment-proof Congress. There are several states that were red last year that are blue now.
In Pennsylvania all four of the advocates of teaching the so called "Intelligent Design" theory as a counter to evolution lost. When you keep in mind Harry Reid's courageous move in the senate to force the administration to explain its rush to war, the smoking gun of the Downing Street Memo, the New York Times finally putting some distance between the paper and Judith Miller. This is a great time for Democrats to act. The ball is in their court as the Bush administration finds itself on the defensive. The attempt to have Ms. Hariet Miers become a member of the Supreme Court has put the Republican Party at war with itself since conservatives felt there was no concrete evidence that Ms. Miers endorsed their right wing philosophy, especially when it comes to matters like Roe vs. Wade. The indictment of I. Scooter Libby for playing a role in the "outing" of C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame as revenge for her husband, former Ambassador Wilson saying that there was no evidence that showed Saddam Heussein tried to purchase yellowcake uranium in Niger also tarnishes the reputation of an already ethically challenged administration. In Ohio the indictments of key Republican players like Noe and Taft should further increase resentment against the G.O.P. where many minority Democrat voters claim there votes were stolen. As if these incidents weren't enough. The Bush administration's handling of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma has to go down in history as among the worst ever, epecially when one factors in the racial overtones. F.E.M.A. did its best to make sure help did NOT get to the people most in need. Bush appointed F.E.M.A. director Michael Brown actually lied under oath when he attempted to blame locally elected officials for the tragedy, saying that they hestitated to contact him and go through the proper procedures. The Bush administration has become synonymous with "cronyism"
Michael Brown, with no prior experience in rescue just happened to be the roommate of a major Bush fundraiser and I have already mentioned Harriet Miers. Lousiana companies were not permitted to participate in the clean-up. The contract went to Halliburton, a company formerly headed by Vice-President Richard Cheney. The major task of the progressive democrat is to identify and support the Anti-war, Pro-Impeachment candidates and defeat the pro-war, anti-impeachment Democrats, most of whom are DLC members and sympathizers. Although this has the potential of splitting the Democratic Party it will be well worth it because the grassroots just happens to have the numbers on their side. Democratic presidential candidates who have enjoyed massive Democratic support must be forced to justify their support for a war that has cost over 2,000 lives while being provocated under false pretenses. During the last Democratic convention compromises were made. Anti-war sentiment was suppressed for the greater good of supporting the Democratic Convention nominee. But since it is almost common knowledge that the president "LIED" about the reasons for war. There is no good reason why any self-respecting Democrat can actively support this war. That is why Hillary Clinton and John Kerry MUST clarify their positions to the Democratic voter as soon as possible. As Cindy Sheehan has said on more than one occasion if they choose to support this war then they should not expect to get the support of the Democratic voter. In conclusion all of these factors are complicating the lives of the G.O.P. When their woes mount the more likely it will be that they will no longer occupy the White House. May things continue as they are.

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