Saturday, November 19, 2005

Late Night Session of Congress leaves more questions than answers

Last night's late session verbal brawl in Congress left most progressive Democrats in a state of confusion. From what I understand the Republicans introduced legislation to immediately send the troops home. Now, that in itself sounds very unusual, but the Republicans know the Democrats in Congress better than I. So I assume this tactic was put into motion to embarrass the Democrats. Maybe the Republicans did succeed in reaching that goal because the final tally was 403-3 in favor of the Republicans.....who voted against the measure. If members of each party were shouting at each other and calling each other names until the wee hours of the morning, why was the final vote result so one sided? Is it that Republicans expect Democrats to blow off some steam but in the end vote exactly the way Republicans want them to. Pennsylvania's John Murtha is a man who has seen combat and served his country admirably. The Democrat has been viewed as a hawk. Ohio Representative Jean Schmidt introduced a letter from a Marine constituent who wanted the war to continue and implied that Murtha was a coward. Democrats at this time booed Schmidt for the Murtha insult, then in the end voted right along with her. Democrats are soooooooooooo afraid to be considered unpatriotic....even when it is an established fact that a little more that 60% of the country opposes the war.

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