Thursday, November 24, 2005

2005, The Year In Review - The Person Of The Year

There were several people eligible to become Person Of The Year. Hugo Chavez Frias, president of Venezuela is a very strong candidate, giving an example of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds being against you, surviving a coup d'etat that had the endorsement of the most powerful country on earth. Mr. Chavez was elected president for the fourth time proving to the world that he is the choice of the majority of people of Venezuela. With over 7,000 election observers from all over the world it was impossible for his enemies to make claims of foul play. External forces (primarily those connected with the US Endowment for Democracy had done everything in their power to dethrone him) yet he is still standing and the rest of South America is taking notice.
Another strong candidate for person of the year is Robert Mugabe. The oft maligned leader of Zimbabwe brought forth the first ever meaningful land reform in sub-Saharan Africa. The white land owners who controlled practically all of the valuable farm land that their ancestors stole from native Zimbabweans were forced to give some of it back. This bold action has angered Tony Blair and George Bush, but to most people around the world it is seen as justice fulfilled after too long a period of time.
The person I actually chose as person of the year is someone who was not a head of state, in fact she was not even a politician. She was just an ordinary housewife who was determined to find out why her son was killed in what seemed to her to be a meaningless war. She wanted answers and she wanted them from the top, so she went straight to the source, President George W. Bush. She went to Crawford, Texas, the president's home away from home to get answers. Although she never was able to speak to the president she did get the attention of the American people when she set up camp near the Bush residence in Crawford. Even the administration friendly media had to cover the story. Because she woke up the American people to the realities of the Iraq War and because she challenged Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and other establishment Democrats (who almost secretly support this illegal war) to come out and make a stand with the majority of the American people (63%)
and the majority of the Democratic party(allegedly 70%) to set a timetable to return our troops home. What most people don't realize is that this woman's group was one of the few to successfully penetrate the walls set up to keep help from coming into New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina crisis. It is for these reasons that I choose Cindy Sheehan as the 2005 Person Of The Year.

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