Wednesday, November 23, 2005

2005, The Year In Review - Film

Although I saw a considerable amount of movies in 2005 there are only two that I would consider outstanding. Crash, featuring Matt Dillon is the type of movie that one would say the people who really need to see it would never go to see it and those who did see it were expected to see it. This movie tells the truth about the true racial environment that most of us deny exists in the United States of 2005. President-select George Bush, while commenting on the death of Rosa Parks "This marks the end of a chapter in American History." as if racism, cronyism and nepotism all died and Ms. Parks and Dr. King killed them. This film tells it like it really is and many of us know this reality all to well. At times we ask ourselves do we go to the movies to be enlightened or do we go to the movies to entertained? Perhaps the Spiderman, Batman, Star Wars and Disney crowd would benefit most from seeing a movie like "Crash"
The other outstanding movie of 2005 was "Good Night and Good Luck" Which shows us the courage of the media in the 50's which helped dethrone a right wing tryant named Senator Joe McCarthy. This is something we were very much in need of in 2005. Newsman Edward R. Murrow relentlessly went after McCarthy, challenging every untruth, every misdeed and every convenient manipulation and reporting it to the American people. Mr. Murrow is the type of journalist so badly needed today when we have a president who shares so many of the ideas of Senator Joe McCarthy while we have a media that purposely looks the other way.

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