Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why "Anonymous"?

This morning I received another comment that I would like to share with the public. When I first read this comment I started to laugh uncontrollably because it is evidence once again that those on the right are afraid of the truth. I found the person's statements to be not only humourous by very hypocrital. When I made the attempt to respond to this person I couldn't do it, "Mailer-Deamon explained how the person could not be reached at the e-mail address given" Since this person didn't have the intestinal fortitude to identify himself/herself I will reply publicly and hope that this person makes a return visit. I believe that this person is more than likely a DLCer or conservative Republican who was more than a bit peeved about some on my recent statements.........well, this is only the beginning, there will be a lot more. In any event this is what "anonymous" had to say "Anonymous said...
[i]The Democratic party has two fine gentlemen and true democrats in Harry Reid and Howard Dean[/i]That they do. One is a pro-life Democrat who is a bit more conservative than the average DLC member. The other is a former DLC member who governed as a moderate centrist and has shown little philosophical differences with the DLC since.[i]DLC Democrats didn't do anything to oppose the bankruptcy law that made the poor even poorer.[/i]Neither did Harry Reid, who you just called a "fine and democrat."Typically, your anti-DLC rants are full of generalizations, often repeated liberal myths, and void of much fact." AND NOW IT'S MY TURN..............................First of all I do think that Harry Reid and Howard Dean are fine gentlemen. I don't have to agree with them on every single issue. I see that both of these men are not afraid of Republicans. Not even a possible heart attack has stopped Mr. Reid from demanding an apology from Bill Bennent for his blatantly racist remarks, or from vigorously going after Tom Delay. Harry Reid comes from the reddest state in the union. I am certain that there are things that he has to say just to survive in stauchly Republican Utah. Just the fact that he says that he opposes the war, the rampant cronyism of Tom Delay is in itself a miracle considering where he comes from. I do not have to agree with every statement that Reid has said to respect him. Howard Dean was among the first to oppose the Iraq war. He did so at a time when most Democrats were afraid of being labelled "unpatriotic" I think that when you point out the fact that one of them is a "former" DLCer, that is an attribute. It just shows that he has come to see the light. When I say DLC Democrats didn't do anything to oppose the bankruptcy law that is a FACT. 72 Democrats voted for the bankruptcy law and most of them were DLCers. My anti-DLC rants are all based on FACTS, this person didn't manage to disprove anything that I said, in fact what he/she does is "GENERALIZE" with statements like "repeated liberal myths" ....what myths? the bankruptcy law did make the poor poorer, to such a degree that politicians are now considering delaying the application of the law because of the disastrous effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. And the person has the unamitigated gall to say that my statements are devoid of facts when he/she hasn't presented a single fact. These days right-wingers and DLCers are having a difficult time with the truth. This person's comments only confirm it.

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