Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A letter from Senator Edward Kennedy

This is a letter I received from Massachussetts Senator Edward Kennedy expressing his concerns about George W. Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court.
Dear Claude,
On Monday, we learned that the President nominated White House Counsel Harriet Miers--a long-time adviser and Bush loyalist--to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the United States Supreme Court.
Ms. Miers's record is little known so far, because she's largely served behind the scenes. What leaps out is her loyalty to President Bush beginning with his years as Governor of Texas. We know nothing about her loyalty to the rule of law and the Constitution, or her ability to do the job of Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.
It's clear that Mr. Bush is fond of her work: he's appointed her to nearly every government position she's ever had. And apparently she likes her boss, having told a former Bush speechwriter that the "[P]resident was the most brilliant man she had ever met."
But many other staunch supporters of the President are alarmed by his nomination, citing a lack of experience and substance. Very few, it seems, are comfortable with the current case for Ms. Miers's confirmation.
The Senate needs more information if we are to do our job of reviewing and voting on such an important nomination, as required by the Constitution. We cannot advise in this process--much less consent--if President Bush refuses to disclose the very information he relied on in his decision to nominate Ms. Miers. I've called on President Bush to release any memoranda and files relating to Ms. Miers--and give the American people the same ability he had to consider her qualifications. A decision of this magnitude cannot be made simply on his say-so.
From now on, your participation will be critical. As the process moves forward, all of us need to stand fast in our demand for the caliber of information needed for any Supreme Court nominee.
Let's work together to see that any replacement for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor meets the impressive standard she set.
Please keep in touch with me at, and thank you for your commitment.
Senator Edward M. Kennedy This is my response........

Dear Senator Kennedy,
I thank you for taking the time to share with me your thoughts on this presidential nominee to the Supreme Court. I am very concerned about the developing pattern of "cronyism" that is rampant in the Bush Administration. In New Orleans Bush's cronies were given the choice rebuilding contracts. He completely ignored the qualified businesses in the states of Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi who should have been given these contracts. The man appointed to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Michael Brown, proved himself to be totally inexperienced in emergency rescue, and even worse he blamed others for his inaction. Mr. Brown was a crony of Mr. Olbeah a friend who also earned a position in the Bush administration not because of his competence but because of his loyalty to Mr. Bush. It appears as if we are seeing the same thing with Ms. Miers, who doesn't even have the experience of being a judge and she also led a law firm that was accused of taking advantage of its clents. I know that you are committed to raising these issues with the American public, but you need help. Far too many democrats are silent on this and other issues that affect the quality of life in these United States. I am hoping that you will get the help you need in the 2006 elections. Democrats have a good chance of removing Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania and Tom Delay in Texas. There are also five Democratic candidates who have served our country in Iraq and now advocate an end to this
illegal totally unnecessary war in Iraq. If most of these "new" democrats are elected then I believe you will have the help you need to seriously tackle the issue of "cronyism".
Best regards,
Claude Chaney

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