Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's Housecleaning Time :-)

The time has come for national house cleaning to rid the country of the immoral ethically challenged elements of the corrupt conservative Republican party. Let the house cleaning begin with the lying Tom Delay who alledgedly exhorted huge sums of money from businesses and told them which Texas Republicans to give the money to. Let it continue with lying Diebold, the voting machine company whose president promised George W. Bush would win the presidential election of 2004. Business is very bad when California, the nation's largest state said they will no longer use Diebold machines and other states are expected to follow the same path. Let the house cleaning continue with lying James Tobin, accused of conspiring to prevent Democrats from voting in New Hampshire. Let the house cleaning proceed with lying Bill Frist who publicly denounces abortion, but whose hospitals continue to provide abortions and provide a substancial income for the lying Frist who is now on trial for alledgely participating in insider trading fraud.Let it continue with lying Judith Miller who deliberately misled the American public with accounts of production of weapons of mass destruction that were merely fabrications. Let the house cleaning continue with lying Dick Cheney, who allegedly set US energy policy behind closed doors with a few of his cronies for the oil and natural gas companies. Mr. Chaney's former company Halliburton made billions from no bid contracts for work in Iraq and New Orleans. Halliburton through its subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root are accused of bilking the US taxpayer for billiions. Let the housecleaning continue with lying columnist Robert Novak alledgedly who outed a CIA as revenge for the agent's husband stating that Saddam Heussein operatives didn't attempt to buy yellowcake uranium in NIger. Let the housecleaning continue with the lying J. Kenneth Blackwell, who promised George W. Bush the state of Ohio prior to the 2004 presidential elections and proceeded to clog the polls with over 38, 000 Republican poll watchers causing African-American voters to stand in line for up to eight hours to vote. Let the house cleaning continue with the lying Donald Rumsfeld, who either orchestrated or looked the other way when wide-spread prisoner abuse took place in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. And..............last but definitely not least may the house cleaning continue with the impeachment of lying George W. Bush who among other things bears responsibility for the deaths of thousands of black and poor residents of New Orleans when he refused to respond to an SOS emergency plea by Louisiana governor Blanco during Hurricane Katrina until three days after the storm began. The Downing Street memo is a smoking gun that proves that the he led us into war under false pretenses. This president came into office with a huge surplus, now we have a huge deficit and we are feared and hated throughout most of the world. Let's clean house....let's throw the bums out in 2006.

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