Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Indiana State Senator proposes an outrageous bill to limit human reproductive rights

Indiana State Senator Patricia Miller has proposed a bill that would severely limit human reproductive rights. This unnatural bill shows to what extremes the religious right will go to impose their social beliefs on others. If this bill passes (God forbid) unmarried women will NOT
be permitted to have children in the state of Indiana. No woman would be permitted to have sperm artificially inseminated into her uterus. All couples who intend to have children would have to obtain a special reproductive license. An unmarried person could not become a parent. Gays and lesbians would NOT be allowed to participate in any assisted reproductive act. Although there may be people who say that this bill is dead on arrival, I am not one of them. Indiana is among the most conservative states of the union. Every effort must be made now, if not the government will not only tell you if and when you can have children but what you may read, think and with whom you are permitted to socialize. The first step all progressive bloggers should do is get the message out.Stop Miller in Indiana now before we have stop her (and her ilk in New York or California) The more people know about it the easier it will be to combat.
The religious right is determined to impose their extremist fundamentalism on us all. We have to fight back any way that we can. Once again right your elected officials and demand that they take a stand against this outrage now. The worst possible thing at this time is to underestimate the determination of these fanatics. Under this law the Virgin Mary could be arrested.

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