Monday, October 17, 2005

Iberoamerican Summit calls for an end to U.S. "blockade" of Cuba and the extradition of alleged terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela

The Iberoamerican Summit, a meeting of predominately Spanish and Portuguese nations met today to announce it's opposition to the United States blockade of Cuba. This was the first time the word "blockade" was used instead of "embargo". The organization now prefers to use the term "blockade" due to evidence of the United States government's intimidation of countries who do business with Cuba.
The summit also condemned U.S. hypocrisy towards terrorism by harboring Luis Posada Carriles who has been convicted of bombing a Cuban commercial airplane that resulted in the death of 73 people. Carilles is also accused of making an assassination attempt on the life of Cuba leader Fidel Castro, while he was in Panama. These two positions mark the first time that this organization has taken a strong position against United States foreign policy.

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