Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fernando Ferrer quietly scores two points in his mayoral battle with Michael Bloomberg

Although Former Bronx Borough President and current mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer is behind in the polls this week he has won two rather impressive battles against his billionaire opponent Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The first involves successfully overriding the mayor's veto on the operation of parking meters on Sundays. Ferrer was able to convince members of the city council that this was the equivalent of a "Worship tax" because thousands of churchgoers would find it difficult to find a free parking space and it would be very expensive pay for parking. Mayor Bloomberg feels that overriding his veto is not in the best interests of New York City because it deprives the city of $12 million dollars in revenue. Ferrer also was able to convince city council members to override the mayoral veto of a law that insists that medium to large grocery store chains pay health insurance for all their employees. Many major chains in the New York City metropolitan area agreed to do so. Of course Wal-Mart (which is still trying to get into New York City by way of Staten Island) vehemently opposes this law and the mayor apparently agrees with Wal-Mart. It seems so strange to me that the nation's largest employer, with billions of dollars in assets would oppose health insurance that would benefit it's employees in these difficult times of high medical costs. These two actions received slight coverage in the print media and television news, but when it was revealed that Fernando Ferrer's children did not attend public schools like he said they did that received front page coverage from the ultra-conservative New York Post. Ferrer continues to fight and uphill battle with an opponent who is able to put 5 commercials on the air with in a half hour. The average viewer seeing this would automatically believe that Bloomberg has created miracles in New York City because of the saturation of commercials, which say that the unemployment rate in the city is way down, but the Amsterdam News reports that half of the city's African-American male population is unemployed. Bloomberg commercials also say that crime is way down, but crime started to drop in the Dinkins administration and continued to drop in the Giuliani administration. The odds are overwhelmingly against Ferrer but sometimes things are not always what they seem...Truman beat Dewey and David beat Goliath.

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