Monday, October 24, 2005

Rosa Parks 1913 - 2005

Rosa Parks, considered to be the mother of the modern civil rights movement died in Detroit, Michigan today at the age at 92. Ms. Parks made the boycott a weapon against segregationist businesses when she refused to give her seat on the bus to a white man. This
ignited a national movement which led to many other boycotts and sit-ins all over the country.
Martin Luther King Jr. organized the Montgomery bus boycott which forced the bus companies to change their discriminatory policies when they began to lose huge amounts of money with the loss of black ridership. Ms. Parks will always be remembered as a shining example of raw courage in at time of savage racial hatred.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Iberoamerican Summit calls for an end to U.S. "blockade" of Cuba and the extradition of alleged terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela

The Iberoamerican Summit, a meeting of predominately Spanish and Portuguese nations met today to announce it's opposition to the United States blockade of Cuba. This was the first time the word "blockade" was used instead of "embargo". The organization now prefers to use the term "blockade" due to evidence of the United States government's intimidation of countries who do business with Cuba.
The summit also condemned U.S. hypocrisy towards terrorism by harboring Luis Posada Carriles who has been convicted of bombing a Cuban commercial airplane that resulted in the death of 73 people. Carilles is also accused of making an assassination attempt on the life of Cuba leader Fidel Castro, while he was in Panama. These two positions mark the first time that this organization has taken a strong position against United States foreign policy.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

African-American support for Bush falls to 2%

The lastest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll says that President-Select George W. Bush has a microscopic 2% approval rating among African-Americans, which is lowest rating of a president since political polls have been taken. Bush's numbers fell with other ethnic groups also (45% among whites and 36% among Hispanics) but the dramatic drop in support from African-Americans has brought is overall approval rating to below 40%. It was just three months ago that Bush was talking about changing black leadership because it was "out of touch" with today's thinking. Well if 98% of the black population opposes George, than I guess it is George who is "out of touch" Of course the biggest reason for Bush's decline in popularity among African-Americans(which was never great any way) was his inaction during the Hurricane Katrina crisis, which was accentuated by rapper Kanye West who bluntly said "Bush doesn't care about black people"on national television. Other factors that completely turn off masses of Americans is the Bush administration support for torture, the neverending abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, the mounting deaths and injuries of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, the attack on Social Security, the constant accusations of impropriety against key allies of the Bush-Cheney team (Karl Rove, Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Jack Abramoff..... et al)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fernando Ferrer quietly scores two points in his mayoral battle with Michael Bloomberg

Although Former Bronx Borough President and current mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer is behind in the polls this week he has won two rather impressive battles against his billionaire opponent Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The first involves successfully overriding the mayor's veto on the operation of parking meters on Sundays. Ferrer was able to convince members of the city council that this was the equivalent of a "Worship tax" because thousands of churchgoers would find it difficult to find a free parking space and it would be very expensive pay for parking. Mayor Bloomberg feels that overriding his veto is not in the best interests of New York City because it deprives the city of $12 million dollars in revenue. Ferrer also was able to convince city council members to override the mayoral veto of a law that insists that medium to large grocery store chains pay health insurance for all their employees. Many major chains in the New York City metropolitan area agreed to do so. Of course Wal-Mart (which is still trying to get into New York City by way of Staten Island) vehemently opposes this law and the mayor apparently agrees with Wal-Mart. It seems so strange to me that the nation's largest employer, with billions of dollars in assets would oppose health insurance that would benefit it's employees in these difficult times of high medical costs. These two actions received slight coverage in the print media and television news, but when it was revealed that Fernando Ferrer's children did not attend public schools like he said they did that received front page coverage from the ultra-conservative New York Post. Ferrer continues to fight and uphill battle with an opponent who is able to put 5 commercials on the air with in a half hour. The average viewer seeing this would automatically believe that Bloomberg has created miracles in New York City because of the saturation of commercials, which say that the unemployment rate in the city is way down, but the Amsterdam News reports that half of the city's African-American male population is unemployed. Bloomberg commercials also say that crime is way down, but crime started to drop in the Dinkins administration and continued to drop in the Giuliani administration. The odds are overwhelmingly against Ferrer but sometimes things are not always what they seem...Truman beat Dewey and David beat Goliath.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A letter from Senator Edward Kennedy

This is a letter I received from Massachussetts Senator Edward Kennedy expressing his concerns about George W. Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court.
Dear Claude,
On Monday, we learned that the President nominated White House Counsel Harriet Miers--a long-time adviser and Bush loyalist--to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the United States Supreme Court.
Ms. Miers's record is little known so far, because she's largely served behind the scenes. What leaps out is her loyalty to President Bush beginning with his years as Governor of Texas. We know nothing about her loyalty to the rule of law and the Constitution, or her ability to do the job of Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.
It's clear that Mr. Bush is fond of her work: he's appointed her to nearly every government position she's ever had. And apparently she likes her boss, having told a former Bush speechwriter that the "[P]resident was the most brilliant man she had ever met."
But many other staunch supporters of the President are alarmed by his nomination, citing a lack of experience and substance. Very few, it seems, are comfortable with the current case for Ms. Miers's confirmation.
The Senate needs more information if we are to do our job of reviewing and voting on such an important nomination, as required by the Constitution. We cannot advise in this process--much less consent--if President Bush refuses to disclose the very information he relied on in his decision to nominate Ms. Miers. I've called on President Bush to release any memoranda and files relating to Ms. Miers--and give the American people the same ability he had to consider her qualifications. A decision of this magnitude cannot be made simply on his say-so.
From now on, your participation will be critical. As the process moves forward, all of us need to stand fast in our demand for the caliber of information needed for any Supreme Court nominee.
Let's work together to see that any replacement for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor meets the impressive standard she set.
Please keep in touch with me at, and thank you for your commitment.
Senator Edward M. Kennedy This is my response........

Dear Senator Kennedy,
I thank you for taking the time to share with me your thoughts on this presidential nominee to the Supreme Court. I am very concerned about the developing pattern of "cronyism" that is rampant in the Bush Administration. In New Orleans Bush's cronies were given the choice rebuilding contracts. He completely ignored the qualified businesses in the states of Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi who should have been given these contracts. The man appointed to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Michael Brown, proved himself to be totally inexperienced in emergency rescue, and even worse he blamed others for his inaction. Mr. Brown was a crony of Mr. Olbeah a friend who also earned a position in the Bush administration not because of his competence but because of his loyalty to Mr. Bush. It appears as if we are seeing the same thing with Ms. Miers, who doesn't even have the experience of being a judge and she also led a law firm that was accused of taking advantage of its clents. I know that you are committed to raising these issues with the American public, but you need help. Far too many democrats are silent on this and other issues that affect the quality of life in these United States. I am hoping that you will get the help you need in the 2006 elections. Democrats have a good chance of removing Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania and Tom Delay in Texas. There are also five Democratic candidates who have served our country in Iraq and now advocate an end to this
illegal totally unnecessary war in Iraq. If most of these "new" democrats are elected then I believe you will have the help you need to seriously tackle the issue of "cronyism".
Best regards,
Claude Chaney

Domestic Biological Warfare at DC Anti-war demonstration?

ONE WEEK after the massive anti-war protest the federal government announces the presence of the lethal Tularemia bacteria in the Mall area where a crowd estimated to be up to 300,000 people congregated. Health officials said they believed the levels were too low to be a threat. I find this to be very suspicious. Once again the federal government acts suspiciously late. This type of conduct also happened in New Orleans. This could be a ploy to discourage anti-Bush protesters from attending future demonstrations or if this was the real thing it could be the first of many bold right wing intiatives to silence the opposition. Either way it is definitely cause for concern. It took a week to act in New Orleans and a week to even mention the existence of a problem in Washington. Is the slow reponse diliberate? The initial stage of the disease displays the presence of pneumonia. Other symptoms include chills and high fever. If people who attended the demonstration come down with pneumonia then we will know this could have been an example of domestic biological warfare. Inexplicably several liberal or progressive senators and congress members received anthrax through the mail shortly after 9/11. If we don't see any evidence of pneumonia among the people who attended the rally that could mean that this hoax was designed to scare people into not attending any future Anti-Bush demonstrations. The Bush administration has used fear tactics before. The color warnings which were supposed to indicate the possibility of domestic terrorist attacks were highly suspect. According to federal health officials "Tularemia is not spread from person to person. It can be contracted by direct contact with the bacteria that cause it -- by swallowing them or, if they have been suspended in air, through inhalation."SPLOID - Here is a brief history (from the Journal of the American Medical Association) of tularemia and how it is stockpiled as a bioweapon by the U.S. military:[] Tularemia's epidemic potential became apparent in the 1930s and 1940s, when large waterborne outbreaks occurred in Europe and the Soviet Union and epizootic-associated cases occurred in the United States.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Indiana State Senator proposes an outrageous bill to limit human reproductive rights

Indiana State Senator Patricia Miller has proposed a bill that would severely limit human reproductive rights. This unnatural bill shows to what extremes the religious right will go to impose their social beliefs on others. If this bill passes (God forbid) unmarried women will NOT
be permitted to have children in the state of Indiana. No woman would be permitted to have sperm artificially inseminated into her uterus. All couples who intend to have children would have to obtain a special reproductive license. An unmarried person could not become a parent. Gays and lesbians would NOT be allowed to participate in any assisted reproductive act. Although there may be people who say that this bill is dead on arrival, I am not one of them. Indiana is among the most conservative states of the union. Every effort must be made now, if not the government will not only tell you if and when you can have children but what you may read, think and with whom you are permitted to socialize. The first step all progressive bloggers should do is get the message out.Stop Miller in Indiana now before we have stop her (and her ilk in New York or California) The more people know about it the easier it will be to combat.
The religious right is determined to impose their extremist fundamentalism on us all. We have to fight back any way that we can. Once again right your elected officials and demand that they take a stand against this outrage now. The worst possible thing at this time is to underestimate the determination of these fanatics. Under this law the Virgin Mary could be arrested.

Nipsey Russell 1925-2005

Actor/Comedian Nipsey Russell passed away on October 2, 2005 at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Russell was a fixture on tv games shows of the 70s and early 80s to such an extent he was named "The Poet Laureate of Television" Perhaps Russell will be remembered most for his co-starring role as the tin man along with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson in "The Wiz" He was a confirmed bachelor who once said "How can I live with someone else when there are times when I find it hard to live with myself?" The actor-poet-comedian died of cancer.

Bennett deserves ALL the criticism he is getting for his statement: he earned it

Recently I received a comment from "J. McAdams of Marquette Warrior" in which he shows absolute amazement at the criticism William Bennett is receiving for his statement about how black abortions would lower the crime rate entitled Planned Parenthood Advocates Abortion To Reduce Crime

Dear Mr. McAdams,
Thank you for placing a comment on Anti-DLC Coalition. I find your defense of William Bennett to be totally devoid of any merit whatsoever. What you have done is conveniently distort the facts to promote your point of view. Planned Parenthood may or may not be in favor of abortions in order to
decrease crime, but nowhere in your post do I see that Planned Parenthood endorsed aborting black babies specifically. You are trying to deny the racist aspect of the Bennett statement. If he had said "Eventhough I think abortion is reprehensible I think it would deter crime" then he would not have been so severely criticized, but he did not say that. He specificially targeted blacks. I rejoice in the fact that he finds himself in a firestorm of controversy. These types of statements will not be allowed to fall under the radar, not only by Anti-DLC Coalition but also Media Matters for America, where a post by S.S.M gives a thorough truthful assessment of the Bennett statement......

Bennett defended racial comments with falsehood
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On the September 29 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio program, former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett defended comments he made the day before linking crime rates and abortion by blacks. Bennett, who said that "it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime ... you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down," claimed that he was taken out of context, and that his comment was based on a 1999 online discussion between Steven D. Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics (William Morrow, May 2005), and right-wing columnist Steve Sailer, in which Bennett claimed that Levitt "discusse[d], as I did, the racial implications of abortion and crime." Levitt did not. In fact, in the Slate debate that Bennett cited, Levitt said the opposite of what Bennett claimed: "None of our analysis is race-based because the crime data by race is generally not deemed reliable."
On his September 29 broadcast, Bennett said: "The author of Freakonomics, Steve Levitt engages the theory that abortion reduces crime, and he also discusses, as I did, the racial implications of abortion and crime. And he does that in an extended debate on" But in the course of the three-day discussion, Levitt barely mentioned race. In fact, on the first day of the discussion, Levitt noted specifically that race was not a key part to his theory:
As an aside, it has been both fascinating and disturbing to me how the media have insisted on reporting this as a study about race, when race really is not an integral part of the story. The link between abortion and unwantedness, and also between unwantedness and later criminality, have been shown most clearly in Scandinavian data. Abortion rates among African-Americans are higher, but overall, far more abortions are done by whites. None of our analysis is race-based because the crime data by race is generally not deemed reliable.
In a September 30 response to Bennett's comments, Levitt further asserted the marginality of race with regard to his theory: "Race is not an important part of the abortion-crime argument that John Donohue and I have made in academic papers and that [co-author Stephen J.] Dubner and I discuss in Freakonomics."
The only significant discussion of race during the Slate debate came from Sailer on day two. Sailer writes for the anti-immigration website and has defended the Pioneer Fund -- an organization designated a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its support of the work of white supremacists, eugenicists, and others dedicated to proving the genetic superiority of certain races.
On his September 28 broadcast, Bennett stated that he disagreed with Levitt and Dubner's theory that abortion reduces crime because "there is just too much that you don't know." But in commenting that black abortions would reduce the crime rate, Bennett appeared to accept and extend it beyond what they intended. As Levitt noted in his September 30 response to Bennett: "There is one thing I would take Bennett to task for: first saying that he doesn't believe our abortion-crime hypothesis but then revealing that he does believe it with his comments about black babies. You can't have it both ways."
From the September 29 broadcast of Salem Radio Network's Bill Bennett's Morning in America:
BENNETT: Let me deal with something that came up yesterday, and my critics and enemies are trying to make hay out of it, trying to discredit me. Let me give you the context and explain what's going on and then get back to business. We had a caller yesterday, and he posed the idea that if we didn't have abortion, we'd have no Social Security problems, and that you shouldn't have abortions because it will lead -- if you don't have abortions, you'll have better economics.
So this led to a discussion where I argued that this is an unknowable proposition. I cited the analysis and discussion in this bestselling book, Freakonomics. Uh, it's on the closely related topic of abortion and crime. Well, there is a campaign making hay of my remarks and taking them out of context and totally reversing my obvious meaning. The author of Freakonomics, Steve Levitt, engages the theory that abortion reduces crime, and he also discusses, as I did, the racial implications of abortion and crime. And he does that in an extended debate on I was referencing this debate and pointing out how tricky it is to argue for a pro-life position because of economic benefits. I was pointing out that abortion shouldn't be opposed for economic reasons any more than racism should be supported or opposed for economic reasons. Immoral policies are wrong. And they're wrong because they're wrong, not because of an economic calculus. One could just as easily have said you could abort all children and prevent all crime, uh, which is certainly true, to show the absurdity of the situ -- of the proposition. So let me repeat: These are matters which scholars talk about, which people write books about, which are debated in public policy relations among abortion, crime, and race. That's what we were talking about. Sensitive area, absolutely.
As a philosopher, I was showing the limitation of one argument by showing the absurdity of another. I was showing the fallacy of a proposition by using what's called an argumentum ad absurdum or an argumentum ad finum. But in sum, let me just re-state what I said yesterday: The whole idea of aborting anyone to reduce crime is, as I said on the air yesterday, "impossible, ridiculous, and morally-reprehensible." That should end it. That should be clear enough to anyone with an open mind. This whole thing is ridiculous, totally without merit. People will keep yelling about it, but -- you have a comment, Seth [Liebsohn, Morning in America producer]? "

It is evident here that Mr. Bennett is even criticized by the right for trying to have it "both ways" saying he rejects previous racist pro abortion statement yet using that same statement to reinforce his argument. The majority of the American people are taking him to task for it.......I think that's wonderful.

Monday, October 03, 2005

August Wilson 1945-2005

Standout African-American playwright August Wilson has passed on. Wilson, whose plays almost always took place in his native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is best known for the prize winning plays "Fences" and "The Piano Lesson"

Constance Baker Motley 1921-2005

On September 29, 2005 the first African-American woman to become a federal judge, Constance Baker Motley passed away at the age of 84. Ms. Motley was a defense lawyer for Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. as well as a persistant voice against segregation advocating the admission of James Meredith to then segregated University of Mississippi.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why "Anonymous"?

This morning I received another comment that I would like to share with the public. When I first read this comment I started to laugh uncontrollably because it is evidence once again that those on the right are afraid of the truth. I found the person's statements to be not only humourous by very hypocrital. When I made the attempt to respond to this person I couldn't do it, "Mailer-Deamon explained how the person could not be reached at the e-mail address given" Since this person didn't have the intestinal fortitude to identify himself/herself I will reply publicly and hope that this person makes a return visit. I believe that this person is more than likely a DLCer or conservative Republican who was more than a bit peeved about some on my recent statements.........well, this is only the beginning, there will be a lot more. In any event this is what "anonymous" had to say "Anonymous said...
[i]The Democratic party has two fine gentlemen and true democrats in Harry Reid and Howard Dean[/i]That they do. One is a pro-life Democrat who is a bit more conservative than the average DLC member. The other is a former DLC member who governed as a moderate centrist and has shown little philosophical differences with the DLC since.[i]DLC Democrats didn't do anything to oppose the bankruptcy law that made the poor even poorer.[/i]Neither did Harry Reid, who you just called a "fine and democrat."Typically, your anti-DLC rants are full of generalizations, often repeated liberal myths, and void of much fact." AND NOW IT'S MY TURN..............................First of all I do think that Harry Reid and Howard Dean are fine gentlemen. I don't have to agree with them on every single issue. I see that both of these men are not afraid of Republicans. Not even a possible heart attack has stopped Mr. Reid from demanding an apology from Bill Bennent for his blatantly racist remarks, or from vigorously going after Tom Delay. Harry Reid comes from the reddest state in the union. I am certain that there are things that he has to say just to survive in stauchly Republican Utah. Just the fact that he says that he opposes the war, the rampant cronyism of Tom Delay is in itself a miracle considering where he comes from. I do not have to agree with every statement that Reid has said to respect him. Howard Dean was among the first to oppose the Iraq war. He did so at a time when most Democrats were afraid of being labelled "unpatriotic" I think that when you point out the fact that one of them is a "former" DLCer, that is an attribute. It just shows that he has come to see the light. When I say DLC Democrats didn't do anything to oppose the bankruptcy law that is a FACT. 72 Democrats voted for the bankruptcy law and most of them were DLCers. My anti-DLC rants are all based on FACTS, this person didn't manage to disprove anything that I said, in fact what he/she does is "GENERALIZE" with statements like "repeated liberal myths" ....what myths? the bankruptcy law did make the poor poorer, to such a degree that politicians are now considering delaying the application of the law because of the disastrous effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. And the person has the unamitigated gall to say that my statements are devoid of facts when he/she hasn't presented a single fact. These days right-wingers and DLCers are having a difficult time with the truth. This person's comments only confirm it.

Rusty "Rush" Limbaugh in a panic - How is he to save so many dark souls and keep himself out of prison by August Keso

The air crackled and snapped with Rusty "Rush" Hudson Limbaugh the Third's angst and panic. His listening audience, were they honest with themselves, and they rarely are, could have felt Rusty's heart racing, veins in neck and face bulging threatening an aneurism or worse, a full blown stroke. With very little imagination, if any at all, the rapt listeners could have felt the portly propagandist's lips quiver, like a spoiled child whose favorite toy had been unceremoniously taken from him. They could have envisioned even within their own limited minds, the angry spittle shooting out from Limbaugh's rabid and foul mouth, landing with a vicious splat upon his Rove inspired daily talking points spread out on sheets of paper before him, and lathering his microphone. Rusty Limbaugh, America's self-appointed professor of morality and values, aside from his own drug related legal problems, has found himself having to defend the indefensible. Rusty, has had to try and convince America, that his stygian soul and that of nearly every Republican from Bush, DeLay, Bennett and Frist; to gay hating gay mayors in Washington State, aren't the dark souls warned would be concealed by the anti-Christ himself -- as one might recall, is to present itself as the Great Moral Savior, when in fact the anti-Christ is evil personified -- but are indeed, never you mind what your own eyes might see and ears might hear, the mere victims of the powerless and inept Left.These are hard times for Rusty Limbaugh, and the many Republican propagandists, like FOX "We just won't report anything about Frist, DeLay, Bennett or Bush" News. In light of DeLay's indictment and Frist's insider stock trading, FOX has literally taken to scouring the globe in search of missing white American women. They've reported wildfires, missing women, how big oil raking working people over the coals, i.e., price gouging gasoline, is good for the economy ("Don't be a victim, invest the money you haven't got into big oil and reap the rewards," Stein insisted during a segment of Cavuto). Ah, but for Rusty, life is so much more complicated.Rusty doesn't get paid, for ignoring the news. Rusty's job is to transform reality into a new and improved Republican misinformed, manipulated and twisted pseudo-reality. Rusty, while FOX simply hides from the news, must confront the evil deeds of the "Morals and Values" Republican Party, and find a make the legion of anti-Christ appear pure and pristine, as newly fallen snow. Oh! Such venom, hatred and rage Rusty did display while defending Bennett's, accurately paraphrasing here, remarks, "No doubt, if you want to lower the crime rate, just abort all the black babies and crime will decrease... ." Surely, Rusty's thick head, and nicotine stained fingers must have been shaking with a blinding white-hot anger that had consumed him, as he muddled and struggled to pin the gambling addicted morally superior Bennett's vile words -- somehow, had to be a way -- on the, to Rusty's way of thinking, ultra evil Left; because Rusty knows, and his listeners do too, NOTHING is EVER the fault of Republicans. It is ALWAYS, though it is the Republican Dark Lords themselves doing the deeds, a conspiracy contrived by the evil Left!Yet, today, thanks to the dark Lords ruling the Republican Party, this is what Rusty "El-Rushbo" Limbaugh, is left to work with. How can even the most excellent imitation of Goebbels, be expected to spin George "Bungling" Bush's Katrina and Rita response into gold? How is Rusty supposed to make Frist's insider stock trading appear anything, but corrupt when the fool Frist, has all ready lied on national television (January, 2003) and claimed it would be illegal, for him to know ANYTHING about his blind trust...only to, all along, be made well aware of EVERYTHING about said trust? For the love of God (or, Rusty being from the South, is that Gawd) how can anyone expect Limbaugh to save DeLay, when DeLay's own defense goes something like this:"Look, this indictment is the greatest miscarriage of justice in the history of this nation. Sure, I was reprimanded for the first time in 1993, for ethical violations. Then, a bit later, accused of racketeering...then still later, several more ethical violations and finally, now, an indictment for political campaign finance money laundering... "No wonder Rusty Limbaugh is fit to be tied! How is he, a mere mortal, to be expected to save the political souls of so many Dark Lords, when Jesus himself couldn't possibly succeed? Who can blame Limbaugh, for being so enraged...consumed by the white-hot flames of his hatred, for all things good and decent? These are indeed very difficult times for Rush, and to top it all off, he has to try and keep himself from going to prison. Who, in Rusty's shoes, wouldn't be riddled with angst and panic?

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's Housecleaning Time :-)

The time has come for national house cleaning to rid the country of the immoral ethically challenged elements of the corrupt conservative Republican party. Let the house cleaning begin with the lying Tom Delay who alledgedly exhorted huge sums of money from businesses and told them which Texas Republicans to give the money to. Let it continue with lying Diebold, the voting machine company whose president promised George W. Bush would win the presidential election of 2004. Business is very bad when California, the nation's largest state said they will no longer use Diebold machines and other states are expected to follow the same path. Let the house cleaning continue with lying James Tobin, accused of conspiring to prevent Democrats from voting in New Hampshire. Let the house cleaning proceed with lying Bill Frist who publicly denounces abortion, but whose hospitals continue to provide abortions and provide a substancial income for the lying Frist who is now on trial for alledgely participating in insider trading fraud.Let it continue with lying Judith Miller who deliberately misled the American public with accounts of production of weapons of mass destruction that were merely fabrications. Let the house cleaning continue with lying Dick Cheney, who allegedly set US energy policy behind closed doors with a few of his cronies for the oil and natural gas companies. Mr. Chaney's former company Halliburton made billions from no bid contracts for work in Iraq and New Orleans. Halliburton through its subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root are accused of bilking the US taxpayer for billiions. Let the housecleaning continue with lying columnist Robert Novak alledgedly who outed a CIA as revenge for the agent's husband stating that Saddam Heussein operatives didn't attempt to buy yellowcake uranium in NIger. Let the housecleaning continue with the lying J. Kenneth Blackwell, who promised George W. Bush the state of Ohio prior to the 2004 presidential elections and proceeded to clog the polls with over 38, 000 Republican poll watchers causing African-American voters to stand in line for up to eight hours to vote. Let the house cleaning continue with the lying Donald Rumsfeld, who either orchestrated or looked the other way when wide-spread prisoner abuse took place in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. And..............last but definitely not least may the house cleaning continue with the impeachment of lying George W. Bush who among other things bears responsibility for the deaths of thousands of black and poor residents of New Orleans when he refused to respond to an SOS emergency plea by Louisiana governor Blanco during Hurricane Katrina until three days after the storm began. The Downing Street memo is a smoking gun that proves that the he led us into war under false pretenses. This president came into office with a huge surplus, now we have a huge deficit and we are feared and hated throughout most of the world. Let's clean house....let's throw the bums out in 2006.