Monday, September 05, 2005

Wal-Mart: No friend of the working man or woman

The world's largest corporation is voracious, deceptive and relentless in its pursuit of control and profit. I have spoken to many people who are unaware of the danger that Wal-Mart presents. You can tell a lot about a company by the way it treats its employees. Wal-Mart is among the biggest union busting organizations of the world. In Quebec Wal-Mart shut down a store putting 200 workers out of work instead of negotiating with the workers who formed a union there. A union is designed to represent the interests of the worker, without unions employees are at the mercy of the employer who in many cases only cares about getting the most work out of the employee while paying the least. Because of well orchestrated union busting campaigns by Wal-Mart and likeminded box Wal-Mart pays workers so little that a family of four can't get out of poverty. The hidden factor is the Wal-Mart abuse of the taxpayer. Wal-Mart costs the US taxpayer up to 2.7 billion a year in taxpayer funded public health care and public assistance programs. In other words if you are a Wal-Mart worker you are likely to be getting some form of welfare to make ends meet. Wal-Mart in general has few benefits for the average worker. Less than half of its workers are covered by the company's health plan due to long waiting periods of eligibility and high costs- since Wal-Mart increased the number of weekly work hours from 28 to 34 for emplyees to qualify for full-time health benefits, it forces their employees to wait long periods of time to even be considered a part-time employee. In addition to be accused of hiring illegal aliens Wal-Mart is facing the largest gender discrimination lawsuit ever, affecting close to two million women. There are cases in which women earned $5.000.00 less than men for doing the same job. Wal-Mart agreed to pay $135.540.00 to settle federal charges of breaking child labor laws. For Wal-Mart this minimal amount is just a slap on the wrist. Wherever you may be it is in your interest to oppose a new Wal-Mart in your area. Don't be fooled by the promise of jobs because these jobs are low pay. Wal-Mart destroys local businesses who can't compete. Most of the clothing items sold by Wal-Mart are not made here in the United States because Wal-Mart knows it can get cheaper labor in developing countries. It is in your best interest to contact your elected officials and let them know that you reject the construction of a Wal-Mart in your area. The job you save may be your own.


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