Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Tom Delay indictment is good, but a Tom Delay conviction would be better

The Associated Press reported today September 28, 2005 "The indictment accused DeLay of a conspiracy to "knowingly make a political contribution" in violation of Texas law outlawing corporate contributions. It alleged that DeLay's Texans for a Republican Majority political action committee accepted $155,000 from companies, including Sears Roebuck, and placed the money in an account.
The PAC then wrote a $190,000 check to an arm of the Republican National Committee and provided the committee a document with the names of Texas State House candidates and the amounts they were supposed to received in donations.
The indictment included a copy of the check" This is good but a conviction would be even better. This man is accused of the worst kind of extortion, telling well established multinational businesses that they cannot operate in his turf without contributing to Republican endorsed candidates. It appears as if Mr. Delay did this because he was certain that he could get away with it. This action will serve as a wake up call to many Republicans who are convinced that they are above the law. Tom Delay successfully spearheaded a movement to gerrymander Texas voting districts to favor Republicans. He was able to get away with it because he already had the support of Texas Republicans who were already in the majority. Of course Delay swears that he is innocent and that this is a witch hunt. But in this particular case the prosecution has in its posession the actual check. You can't ask for better convicting evidence than that. But as we all know Republican pockets are very deep and Mr. Delay is very well connected: it is not out of the realms of possibility that Delay might walk. But if he is convicted it would be a great day for democracy and a great day for The United States of America. At least on this occasion Republicans could see that they are not above the law. Major players of the Bush Administration and support network find themselves entangled with law infractions. Besides Delay we also have his Republican counterpart in the Senate Bill Frist, who also has ethics problems with insider trading(and this is a potential Republican Presidential nominee.) Karl Rove still appears to be the man who outed a CIA operative, endangering not only her life but also those who worked with her. Mr. Delay (a.k.a The Hammer) is slowly and methodically being forced to account for his actions. He is going to go down but he will go down screaming. In 2006 he may find that he will not have his seat anymore and this would really be a blessing.

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