Sunday, September 11, 2005

Russert plays the blame game on Meet The Press

If you were able to catch Meet The Press on Sunday, September 11, 2005 you were able to see Tim Russert plead Bush's case in his interview with New Orleans Mayor Nagin. Earlier this week we saw Scott McClellan embarrass himself by continually accusing a reporter for playing the "blame" game, well apparently Tim Russert knows how to play the blame game very well and it appeared as if he were firing away at state and local officials exclusively. He blamed Nagin for the idle school buses that could have been used to drive people out of the city, not keeping into account that the buses do not drive themselves. At that point in time the people who usually drive the school buses were more concerned about finding food and drinkable water for themselves. This is just one more example of Republican insensitivity. Rick Santorium played the "blame the poor" game too when he suggested "criminal" charges be brought against people who did not evacuate when they were told to do so. Here again Santorum's Republican insensitivity did not allow him to see that only one in ten black New Orleans residents own a car. Most didn't leave because they couldn't leave. The hundreds or so who were able to make it to the nearby mostly white town of Gretna were met by police who blocked the bridge entering the town and threatened to kill anyone who attempted to enter Gretna. Somehow Russert didn't feel that this was important enough to share with the viewer. Russert also said that President Bush declared an emergency on Friday, which I seriously doubt to be true. But for the sake of argument let's say he did, making an emergency declaration without ordering emergency actions is meaningless. On that same Friday Louisiana Governor Blanco sent an S.O.S to Bush. According to Blanco he did not respond to it until Monday. Russert was very quick to ask Nagin "Have you made any mistakes?" "Is there anything that you would have done differently?" Unlike President Bush who when asked the same question replied "I can't think of any" Nagin said that he did make some mistakes but at least he was there with the people. He was in the Superdome while "Brownie" and Chertoff didn't even know that there were starving people in the Superdome. It was painfully obvious that the Bush administration has left its imprint of the broadcast media that continues to see things his way even after continuous catasthrophic blunders of the highest magnitude.

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Gorilla Man said...

Russert long ago lost all credibility for me, so this is not surprising. But what is interesting is that McClellan said to stop playing the "blame game" while Rove the next minute fired up the "blame game" machine against the mayor of NO and the governor of LA. Hypocrisy front and center.