Saturday, September 17, 2005

Right Wing pundits reach new low with Pat Boone

The callous behavior of those on the right to the victims of Hurricane Katrina is absolutely unforgiveable. I have mentioned several times on this site the unbelievably stupid remark by Senator Santorum of Pennsylvania about the residents themselves being responsible for their own hardships because they didn't leave when they we told to do so. Is this man an imbecile? Most people of the area couldn't leave because the didn't have cars. I didn't think it was possible to have a more vicious statement than that one, well I was wrong. Pat Boone and Melanie Morgan combined to make an even more idiotic and vicious statement than the one made by Rick Santorum. Cindy Sheehan mentions in her article "A Bright Spot in Bush World
Amid the Miserable Failures on the Same Planet" which can be read on "I was told that Pat Boone was on a conservative radio talk show in San Francisco (yes they do exist) with Melanie Morgan (who has a vendetta against me) and he told the listeners that after we "stole the supplies" from the Red Cross, we gave them to the "enemies of America who are like the people who want to fly airplanes into our buildings." Boone says that we were giving them to enemies of America, because we were distributing the supplies from a Mosque. First of all, accusing me of stealing is slander, I think, and second of all: we were helping Americans. Just because their government abandoned them, we shouldn't feed them and give them medicine and supplies? I thought Pat Boone was supposed to be a Christian man? Thirdly, isn't Freedom of religion one of our Constitutional guarantees?" I don't believe this _ _ _ _. These two right wing extremists are saying that Cindy Sheehan's group STOLE from the Red Cross, when they arrived on the seen with food and shelter before the federal government did. That is slander! Boone criticizes the people who accepted the food and water because they accepted it from the people who support those who drove airplanes into the world trade center. Mr. Boone obviously has no idea of what it is like be hungry. If you are starving with no visible signs of rescue you would do anything to survive. It is slanderous to say that the people who provided the food were terrorists just because they are Muslim. The overwhelming majority of the Muslim community condemns that act of violence. The right wing spin machine is in full force. If you saw Ted Koppel's program you would more likely believe that Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco were responsible for the Katrina disaster and not George W. Bush because you had black people from New Orleans telling you this. I have already mentioned how Tim Russert had the press meet Mayor Nagin while Russert relentlessly directed the blame towards him. Just when I thought these right-wingers couldn't go any lower they do....with Pat Boone (who as Cindy Sheehan herself mentioned is supposed to be a man of God) and Melanie Morgan.

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