Monday, September 26, 2005

Pro-war rally in DC attracts only 400

The biggest laugh of the month of September has to be the microscopic turnout of those who support the illegal war in Iraq. The fact that the preceding Saturday there was a massive turnout of over 100,000 who opposed the war should invigorate those critical of Bush policies to press their agenda forward. Most polls show that Bush has only a 39% approval rating at best. It would appear that now is the time for action. The goal should be to nationally elect as many anti-war candidates as possible. There should be no compromise within the Democratic party like the one that took place in 2004, in fact there are two issues that should remain at the forefront...1) Are you against the war in Iraq? 2) Are you in favor of assuring the American people an honest election with a paper trail. There are many "electable" Democrats who support this war(most prominent among them is the Democratic Leadership Committee). They too must know that they will be challenged from within the Democratic party if they continue to support this unnecessary, illegal, diabolic war of occupation. What I have heard from
Kerry, Clinton and Biden is that they don't approve of the way the war is being handled, what they should be saying and what the majority of the American people want them to say is that they are against the war. The succession of Republican mishaps by Bush, Delay, Frist et. al gives the appearance that the Republicans are on the ropes. This is not the case. Democrats are very quiet. When you look at the minute statements that are made against the war by Democrats and how they just refused to even challenge John G. Roberts' nomination. We see that Democrats are sitting on the fence, afraid of being labelled "unpatriotic" while the Bush administration sends our troops to fight in a war based on a lie when the troops and especially the national guard are needed here. The Bush administration is the biggest kleptocracy the world has ever known with "cronyism" that knows no bounds. If we can't elect Anti-war Democrats then we may have to support Anti-War Greens. The bottom line is the war must end. It is also time to beat the drum for the impeachment of George Bush. If the non presidential year elections favor Democrats (no easy task) Bush could be impeached. Clinton was impeached for a lie which should have only involved his family. Bush should be impeached for a like that killed 2,000 American troops. This time has come for us to ask all our elected officials (but especially Democrats) where they stand on this war. R.O.T.C. must not be permitted to enter our schools and indocrinate our children unless there are responsible members of the community to present the opposite point of view. You can still love your country without succumbing to shameful leadership. It is obvious that since the pro-war group could only attract 400 people in a national demonstation the pro-war movement is in trouble.
But, the right wingers are very cunning and I am sure Karl Rove has more than a few tricks up his sleave. The chickenhawks and the war supporters have so much on their side. They have a media that does all it can too support the president( and I am not even mentioning Fox). The have the owner of most radio stations in the U.S. Clear Channel and also has a hold on billboards and concert promotion. The fundamentalists lemmings are numerous and they will turn out on Election Day. That is why all peace loving people must act now to remove Bush from office and end the war in Iraq.

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