Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An Open Letter to Black Conservatives

I am wondering why we are not seeing black conservatives on television these days after what happened in New Orleans. I just don't understand it. Before Katrina you couldn't turn on your television without seeing one of you. What happened? ... did you all come down with collective larangitis? I believe that all people should be allowed to express their political points of view conservatives(which sounds like an oxymoron), but I would just like to know what you are thinking. In my previous post "New Orleans: I believe it was deliberate - Part 2 (The Confirmation)" I listed Fesca. com's extensive listing of FEMA's blunders. What do you say about this? I say all of these things happened on purpose. Your guy George W. Bush insisted on privatizing FEMA and as a result it is believed that 10,000 Black people died. I wonder if any of you have any relatives in New Orleans? I wonder if any of you would have been permitted to leave New Orleans had you been there when Katrina first arrived. Do you think you would have been permitted to cross that bridge to safety, food and water in nearby Gretna when you showed the police your Republican membership card? or would they have treated you just like all the other black people by telling you to go back to New Orleans and DIE? Ward Connerly, where are you? You are still working feverishly to destroy any remnant of affirmative action because you say that the playing field is already level. Mr. Connerly I usually don't wish that anything bad happens to anyone, but I really wish that you had been in the middle of the superdome during Katrina. This would give you a wonderful opportunity to preach your doctrine of "doing for self" You would have know exactly how to get drinkable water, when there wasn't any. You would have known exactly how to get food, but I don't think you would have been able to convince the people there that playing field is level. Armstrong Williams, there must be a very special place in hell for you. You were the one entrusted to selling the "No Child Left Behind" to the black community. How is that going Armstrong? You sold your people out for $240.000. I am so happy that since that little news item became public that several newspapers aren't carrying your column. I wonder if you would have liked to witness the rape of women, children and elderly people dying from starvation. I wonder if these scenes would have helped you bring more blacks in the Bush camp. Harold Ford Jr, you actually call yourself a democrat, why? Perhaps the most famous statement I can recall you making was "I love my president" really Mr. Ford? Do you know that 10,000 black people are dead?.....that's right 10,000 (although the press is doing its best to convince us that the numbers are much less than originally estimated) . knowing that, do you still "love" this president? I haven't heard anything from you. Are you just waiting for this to blow over? You know how Americans have short memories. J. Kenneth Powell, you were the man who helped Bush steal the presidential election in 2004 by letting black people stand in lines for as much as eight hours to vote because your 24,000 Republican poll watchers slowed down the voting process. I guess you don't give a damn about the blacks who died in New Orleans because you didn't give a damn about the black people who tried to exercise their constitutional right to vote. How are you going to convince them to vote for you in the next gubernatorial election? What do you have to say now? Do you think Katrina will convince more Blacks to vote Republican? Well I know that you are very busy preparing for your defense because I understand there are people who want to see you in court, so you probably don't have much to say about Hurricane Katrina. Colin Powell, you know you were someone that I really respected at one time, in fact you could have been the first black president. But you lied in front of the world saying that you had proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. You showed us the pictures and the paper from a college student that you got from British intelligence. Well Mr. Powell I have the same contempt for you that I have for any other member of the Bush crime family. You lied to the the world in front of the United Nations Security Council and you also lie when you tell us that the New Orleans catasthrophe was not racial, you have got to be kidding. Last, and by no means least Clarence Thomas!!! Anton Scalia's puppy. You are an embarrassment to black people everywhere. You have NO original thought whatsoever. You are the complete opposite of Thurgood Marshall. How dare you malign affirmative action when you were a beneficiary of affirmative action? What do you have to say about the events in New Orleans? ....maybe you haven't asked Scalia how you should feel about that topic. I just don't hear much from any of you, once again you all are just waiting for this to "blow over" well, this time I don't think it will ever blow over. Generations of black people to come will know how your "massa" George W. Bush fiddled ( or better yet played the guitar) while innocent black and poor white people died. Excuse me if I don't wish you a pleasant day. Those people who died in New Orleans will never have a pleasant day again. . . . and for the record I hope that George W(idowmaker) Bush and Karl Rove's initiative to increase Black membership in the Republican Party continues to be the miserable failure that it is....especially after Katrina.

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