Thursday, September 01, 2005

Now is the time to focus on do nothing dems

"Democrats have gone about their lives after giving the president a blank check to do anything he thought was necessary. They think they have absolved themselves of responsibility. It's somebody else's war.
But they might find that if they don't get some backbone and take a stand soon, the voters might not be that forgiving." These are the words of the always perceptive veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas. White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan did all they could to avoid her questions. Her words are true, in fact no truer words have ever been spoken. This issue has the potential to drive huge numbers of traditionally Democratic voters to a third party. In a previous post on this site on August 16, 2005 (My Response To Gar) I outlined the reasons for optimism if you are a Democrat to Gar, someone who in a comment expressed his frustration with do nothing Democrats. In spite of the millions the Republicans have, they are on the defensive with polls showing loss of support in almost every state. Democrats as a group, are not taking advantage of this golden opportunity, which leads one to believe the Democrats are tacitly approving Bush policies. As members of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party we MUST go after Democrat enablers with the same ferocity that we attack ultra right wing conservatives. The majority of people in this country (estimated to be 60%) say that the war in Iraq was a tragic mistake. Do we have a majority of Democrat elected officials saying this? we don't. In fact most of them are silent on this issue. In fact at this time the only high profile Democrats with even miminal presidential aspirations that I see vigorously opposing this war are Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean(who hasn't said much recently). In 2004 we compromised. Within the Democratic party there was consensus not to make the war a primary issue. We did that and the election was stolen again. In 2008 if this war is still going on (with the construction of fourteen permanent military bases I believe it still will be) Democrats should accept nothing less than an antiwar candidate. Democrats are also very quiet on the Bush Supreme Court nominee John G Roberts. A lot more is known about this man than had been previously known. The NAACP and the Mexican American Education Foundation have both vigorously opposed Robert's nomination. It is rare for the NAACP to oppose a Supreme Court nominee, but they have found specific evidence of Roberts' active opposition to affirmative action during the Reagan administration. The Mexican American Education Foundation found Roberts to be firmly opposed to immigration. The Democrats, on the whole are very, very quiet. The time has come to declare war on Democrat enablers. It has to be done NOW! Write your elected officials and let them know you oppose this illegal unnecessary war! If you can make it your business to be in Washington D.C. on September 24th to participate in the massive anti war demonstration. Any serious Democratic presidential candidate should also be there.

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