Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Orleans: Monumental Incompetence and Indifference

It may seem that at times I am just a little too harsh on the members of the Bush Administration, well there is a very good reason for it.......THEY DESERVE fact I am going to give them just a little bit more because I have been thinking about New Orleans and the circumstances that lead to the catasthrophe and thanks to the Daily Kos and someone named Bill from Portland I can post the words and the actions of all the Neros in the Bush administration who fiddled while New Orleans drowned. The beauty of the internet is that posts can be saved for generations to come. For our future historians we have the exact words and actions of the fiddlers. First and formost Condoleezza Rice, of whom I am supposed be proud of because she, like me, is an African-American. Well what was Ms. Rice doing when an estimated 10,000 African-Americans were drowning?.....she was on a shopping spree buying pairs of expensive shoes a la Imelda Marcos, then going on a Broadway tour of shows like Spamalot which gave her the opportunity to laugh a lot while blacks in New Orleans died a lot. Ms. Rice should have been in New Orleans or at the very least in Washington doing something to help HER people. I am so proud of the black and WHITE people who heckled the hell out of her in New York City, not giving her a moment of peace. They did this so much that she was forced to return to Washington D.C. My wrath is not only directed towards Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush. There is plenty to go around. These are the words of the overpaid underperforming members of the Bush team during the crisis. . . . George W(idow maker) Bush: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees". . . . . . . .Michael Chertoff "We're much better prepared than we've ever been". . . . . . . Michael Brown (director of F.E.M.A.) "Paula, the federal government did not even know about the Convention Center until today" . . . . . . . .Dennis Hastert(speaker of the house) "Eh, maybe we should forget about rebuilding New Orleans because it might cost money and stuff". . . . . . . .Donald Rumsfeld . . . . . "Yes, the country music hoedown with Clint Black on September 11th is still on pard'ner. And maybe we'll even break the record for the longest line dance". . . . . . . . Ken Mehlman(Republican party chairman) "---for God's sake, people---NOW is the time when we must repeal that which is causing our country to go down the tubes: the estate tax. . . . . . . . . .Vice President Cheney......He didn't say anything because he was too busy enjoying his vacation. Keep in mind this is the same Dick Cheney who vigorously opposed the prison release of Nelson Mandela. May all you sons and daughters of pregnant dogs rot in hell for your inaction. Oh by the way I must amend the previous statement I apologize to all dogs. I love dogs. I am just beside myself with RAGE!

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