Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Orleans: I believe that it was deliberate

The more I look at the facts the more I come to the conclusion that the New Orleans tragedy was deliberate, perhaps the brainchild of a racist right-wing think tank. I do not believe for one minute that the people in the Bush Administration are stupid. They know exactly what they were doing. The opportunity came for these people to rid themselves of up to 40,000 black and poor people and they took advantage of it. How else can you explain the series of callous insensitive statements made by Barbara Bush, Senator Kyl, George W. Bush, Dennis Hastert and Rick Santorum? These statements not only offend black people they insult their intelligence. First of all looking back in Lousiana history. In 1927 blacks were deliberately sent up the Mississippi river where another hurricane was taking place. The "whites" then set up a band that played "Bye Bye Blackbird" to celebrate the murder of large numbers of African-Americans. As recently as 1965 the levees broke again and once again those who died were black and poor white. Yesterday Bush spokesman Scott McClellan looked absolutely pathetic in his attempt to avoid a reporter's question. Usually the White House press corps during the Bush administration appears to be braindead but this time one particular reporter whose first name what David (I didn't get his name) was determined not to let McClellan or Bush off the hook. The reporter simply asked McClellan if the president still had confidence in F.E.M.A head Michael Brown after the New Orleans disaster. It was a simple yes or no question that McClelland refused to answer. He kept repeating that he wasn't going to play the blame game thereby absolving the administration from any responsibilty for the deaths of at least 10,000 people and possibly 40,000 people (predominantly black and poor people). An old adage says "If you can't help, don't hurt". This administration did everything in it's power to hurt the people of New Orleans. 1) Mayor Daley of Chicago sent firemen and huge amounts of water to New Orleans. F.E.M.A refused to let them into the city. 2) Georgia sent 1400 firemen, but when they arrived at the scene instead of helping people they were asked to distribute flyers for a Bush photo op. 3) Wal-Mart sent 13 trucks filled with food and water, but even they were not permitted to enter 4) Lousiana Governor Blanco sent an emergency SOS to Bush before the hurricane struck requesting immediate aid but Bush didn't respond until three days later. 5) F.E.M.A. director Michael Brown (who had no prior experience in disaster relief) claimed he didn't know that the Superdome was filled with starving people. On national television Bush complemented Brown on a job well done. 6) Members of the Green Party also went to New Orleans with food and water and just like Wal-Mart they too were refused entry. 7) When Bush's plane flew over New Orleans to survey the damage three days late no vehicule was permitted to move; this included vehicles that contained badly needed food and water. As a result of extended delays the food spoiled. Now the selected president says that he wants an 'investigation". Of course he wants an investigation in which he and his administration will be found completely innocent of any wrongdoing just like the 9/11 investigation. What the country really needs is an independent investigation that has neither Republicans nor Democrats. At this time there is talk of a house investigation which is to be headed by moderate Republican Senator Collins of Maine and the great Republican collaborator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut. This is really a joke. Senator Collins claims that there were many missteps made by LOCAL, STATE and the federal government. It is painfully obvious that Senator Collins wants to spread the blame when we all know that the lion's share of mistakes was caused by the federal government, specifically the Federal Emergency Management Agency. When Nancy Pelosi suggested to George Bush that he fire Michael Brown, Bush's response was "why?" That answer shows that unattached attitude that is so pervasive in this administration. The Algiers section of New Orleans was the least affected by Hurricane Katrina. The overwhelming white area did not experience flooding like the rest of the city because it is above sea-level. From this area is an African-American named Malik Rahim who many blacks and some whites consider a hero because of how he went out of his way to help others affected by this terrible storm. Rahim says that Algiers has many parks. These parks could have been used to set up tents, but the predominantely white residents decided not to do so. Algiers has many places of worship that could have provided refuge for the thousands left homeless but they too chose not to. According to Rahim Algiers was capable of taking in at least 20,000 people but refused to do so. In Algiers Rahim spoke of bands of armed vigilantes who harrassed blacks who somehow found their way to Algiers. This overt racism confirms the deliberate attempt at genocide. The time has come for all progressive people to unite, and especially blacks who have no other alternative but to rely on themselves because once again the federal government under the Bush administration has proven itself to be unreliable. When the Florida hurricanes struck you had 10,000 troops in Florida at the blink of an eye. In New Orleans they came after the damage was already done. This gives us a very clear picture of where the government is coming from when it concerns African-Americans and poor whites. When the troops finally did come to New Orleans there were many instances in which their primary concern was to protect property, not people. There were also instances where soldiers threw bottles of water at the hurricane victims. This is a shameful period in American History.

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