Thursday, September 29, 2005

How I Would Vote on the Roberts Nomination by Chuck Pennacchio

How I Would Vote on the Roberts Nomination -- and Why September 28, 2005 As United States Senator for Pennsylvania I would vote against the nomination of John Roberts to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Consistent with the Bush Administration's "politics as usual" approach to all questions of governance, Judge Roberts went before the Senate Judiciary Committee intent on hiding his judicial philosophy from the Senate and the American people. This veiled and secretive approach to a matter as weighty as a lifelong appointment at the head of the Supreme Court is unacceptable.Judge Roberts' nomination passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee without my having any new insight into how he would run the Court, or how he would approach critical constitutional questions, such as privacy rights, a women's right to choose, consumer rights, due process of law, equality before the law, and a host of other civil liberties issues.Understanding that Bob Casey, Jr., my Democratic opponent for the Pennsylvania's 2006 United States Senate seat for Pennsylvania, would vote for the Roberts nomination, speaks volumes about our differences as candidates and prospectives Senators. The decision on backing or opposing the Roberts nomination has nothing to with the politics of "right and left"; it has everything to do with the politics of "right and wrong." As an historian, political scientist, and citizen-candidate with years of experience dealing with and teaching about our Constitution, I alone will not stand down from a fight over the core principles that embody our American system, including rights of privacy, choice, due process, judicial independence, and separation of church and state.Again, because Judge Roberts has not demonstrated a clear commitment to those same constitutional principles, I would vote against his nomination to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.I want to know what you think about the Roberts nomination. Vote in our on line poll.
Ring the bell!September 14Greetings from all of us at Chuck Central! We have great news and an important request. The news is that our campaign is gaining momentum. In the last two weeks, Chuck spoke before hundreds at the Lehigh Valley Democrats and while there, hand delivered a debate challenge to Bob Casey, Jr. An article, The Debate is Under Way, appears in the Harrisburg Patriot News. Chuck continues to beat Casey, Jr. in a head to head poll on Daily Kos with over 1100 votes counted. (58% - 41% and you can still vote.) This campaign began nearly two years ago with Chuck alone and politically unknown. No more. We have offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and volunteers show up by the dozens. Chuck appears weekly on Harrisburg’s WHYL on the United for Progress radio program with Rick Smith and Erin Carlin, and regularly in other media. These days, Chuck speaks before hundreds of people, where once it was ten. We don’t need millions of dollars to make our candidate palatable. But even the leanest, cleanest, cleverest campaign in the world needs some funding to get out its winning message. So we’re writing to ask for your financial support. September 14 starts our 3d quarter fund drive, which will culminate with Chuck’s birthday at the end of the month. Howard Dean had his bat; we have our bell. Help us show the strength of our grassroots movement. Click on our bell (above right) to contribute. If you care about reproductive rights, an exit strategy from Iraq, universal single payer health care, expanded stem cell research, equal rights before the law for all Americans, the choice is clear. We don’t take PAC money; it’s up to all of us. Together, with your support, we can take our country back. Thank you from all of us,Charles, Julian, Stephanie, Sabra, Dan & Liz
Debate challengeSeptember 9Today I handed a letter to my fellow Democrat, Robert Casey, Jr., at a mutual campaign stop in Lehigh Valley. With respect and dedication to the highest ideals of our political process, I am calling for a series of seven to nine debates across our state. Like the Lincoln-Douglas Senate debates of 1858, the Pennacchio-Casey debates can help direct a state and nation in a time of crisis and exploration. The questions facing us today are no less important than those that confronted our nation in pre-Civil War America. Moreover, the answers to those crucial questions revolve around the same themes of economic opportunity, legal rights, and national security that enabled our country to emerge from one of the greatest tests -- civil war -- any society can endure. (read more)
I ask that we all help our hurricane victimsMy heart goes out to the people of New Orleans and the other Gulf Coast communities that are suffering in the wake of hurricane Katrina. I join with my fellow Pennsylvanians in expressing my deepest sympathy to the victims of this disaster. As Americans we stand united in our commitment to see to it that everything possible is done to reunite the families and rebuild the communities that have been affected by this national tragedy.Please contact the following organizations to help: The American Red Cross, The American Friends Service Committee and America's Second Harvest.

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