Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chavez continues to blast Bush at UN

Hugo Chavez Frias once again proved himself to be a man of character. This is something seldom displayed by our own president. All speakers were permitted five minutes in a recent gathering of members to try to come to a consensus on relevant worldwide matters. Hugo Chavez was given a note to end his speech after five minutes. He dropped the note and continued speaking for twenty minutes. He said that because Bush was given twenty minutes and no one dared say anything he felt that he was justified in speaking for twenty minutes. The United Nations that Eleanor Roosevelt dreamed about is no longer in existance. Mr. Bolton, who never received a congressional endorsement was doing his best to dismantle every meaningful project proposed by the world body, from the comprehensive plan to combat global warming to a corporate code of ethics. In each case the United States opposed every necessary proposal that would promote world wide cooperation and environmental protection. Hugo Chavez was prepared to send help to New Orleans and Fidel Castro was willing to forget the multiple US attacks on his country in order to save lives in New Orleans while the Bush administration through FEMA did everything in its power to prevent any aid from coming to the people who needed it. Not only did FEMA shut out aid from Chavez and Castro, it also prevented many forms of domestic aid from reaching New Orleans by telling Chicago Mayor daily to send only "one" truck, preventing Wal-Mart and the New York Green Party from entering New Orleans with food. President Bush did NOTHING to help the people of New Orleans until the damage was already done. Then through operatives has the nerve to blame local and state officials when the blame lies squarly on the federal government. During his twenty minute speech Chavez reminded the world body of the contempt that the United States has for the United Nations. With it's frequent attacks on the supposedly mismanaged Iraqi food for oil program, suggesting that Kofi Annan be held responsible knowing good and well that American interests also conspired with Saddam Huessein to divert UN funds from the Iraqis who needed it. Chavez reminded world leaders that the United States ignored world opinion by proceeding with an illegal war that will environmentally destroy Iraq for decades to come. Chavez undoubtedly has not only the support of his own people. He also has the support of the world as evidenced by the rousing applause he received from the other representatives of the UN. Bolton continues to blame Venezuela for not doing enough to stop drugs from entering the United States. This is ludicrous because more illegal drugs enter the US from US supported Colombia than Venezuela. And if the US is so concerned about drugs why hasn't anything been said to Afghanistan, where the drug business has reached an all time high. Chavez has character, Bush does not. The world knows it. It is a shame that the people of the United States don't.

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