Friday, August 05, 2005

Why does the so-called "liberal media" have so little to say about the Downing Street Memo?

Now is the time for the public to put pressure on the media for NOT covering the recent developments in the Downing Street Memo case. There have been massive overflow demonstrations all across the country by people who want to know if George W. Bush committed impeachable offences in a conversation with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair when Bush allegedly said intelligence has to be "fixed" in order the get widespread support for war in Iraq. Rep. Barbara Lee has introduced H.R 375 which demands clarification from the White House on this issue. David Swanson of asked the question that is on so many people's minds ""Why is it so hard to get a Democrat from a solidly Democratic district to introduce articles of impeachment? What are they waiting for?"
It's a hell of a question. They know that a Zogby poll in the end of June – the ONLY poll done on impeachment of Bush – found that 42 percent of Americans (meaning a strong majority of Democrats) favor impeachment if the President lied about the reasons for war. They know that 52 percent believe he did in fact so lie, according to ABC/Washington Post.
What are they waiting for? The Backbone Campaign also encourages YOU to take action NOW!

Call for an Inquiry into the Downing Street Minutes :

Please join us in sending Spine postcards to your Senators and members of Congress to let them know they should stand up for a reality based democracy and join us in calling for a Resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Steet Minutes. You can click here to download a pdf file that can be printed on cardstock or other paper and sent to you members of congress (local offices). This version of the pdf file refers directly to the Downing Street Minutes issue.
We're working with a new organization, to push this issue to the forefront in Congress and in the media.
You can look up your current members of Congress at Project Vote Smart: Make sure to send your postcard to your Congress members' local addresses. Sending postcards to their DC office may result in long Post-Anthrax delays thanks to "Homeland Security

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