Tuesday, August 02, 2005

People's E-mail Network challenges you to contact your representatives in Congress

Please submit your arguments on the question:
If you have a reasoned persuasive position please immediately onMouseOver="this.href=mymail2('Argument on question ' +qnum);"
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or con statements
and we will post them here. We will give priority to published authors and those with their own websites, but all thoughtful submissions will be considered. Opinions expressed therein are not necessarily those of The People's Email Network.

Bolton's Nomination An Insult To The U.N.

by Joe Conason
Bolton's Nomination Is Questioned By Another Powell Aide

by Douglas Jehl, The New York Times
Why Bolton Should Not Be Confirmed

Executive Intelligence Review

Why America must stop John Bolton

by stopbolton.org
Facts Were Fixed

by Greg Palast
John Bolton Pushed Niger-Uranium Fiasco At State

The Washington Note

Mission Statement:
Our democracy is only as strong as the participation of the people. Do your representatives only hear from you once every two or four years, assuming you vote at all? There are members of Congress who publicly bemoan the fact that they don't hear from more of their constituents more often. Our leaders are our generals in the political arena, but we are their troops. They can't do battle for us against opposing interests without being able to demonstrate our ongoing support. The People's Email Network is constructed to facilitate communication with our elected officials. By your participation you can establish that you are a voter who will call your government to account at each successive election. Your views do count. They will be heard. And most importantly, when you cast your votes in the section above, be sure to use the ground-breaking input functions of our website to also submit the email addresses of everyone you know. In this way we can together mobilize the entire country to speak in the loudest possible voice.ACTION FORM: SHOULD THE SENATE CONFIRM MORE RIGHT WING JUDGES TO THE SUPREME COURT?
Why don't you tell Congress where you stand? Here, we'll make it easy for you. All you have to do is fill in one form now and with one click we will send your personal message to both of your senators. We'll even look them up based on your address and tell you who they are. Just a few simple words from you mean more than any form letter can. Please read the question carefully to make sure your vote matches your comments.If you think the Senate should accept the president's nomination of a conservative or extremist nominee for the Supreme Court, then vote "Yes", A vote of "Yes" means you think retiring justices should replaced with nominees who are more right wing.Otherwise if you believe we should not accept any candidate who isn't at least a moderate centrist, then vote "No". A vote of "No" means you demand that any new appointees should represent the broad majority of the American people.Even if you don't think your particular representatives would agree with your position it is important for them to hear from you.

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