Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson and Father Jean Juste: a contrast in styles

The lives of Pat Robertson and Father Jean Juste are as different as day is from night, even though both would describe themselves as being men of God. Mr Robertson is the evangelist celebre, millionaire host of the ever popular 700 Club tv show and former presidential candidate. There is a part of me that would really like to describe Mr. Robertson in the style of the Rude Pundit (for those of you who aren't aware the Rude Pundit is a progressive who says exactly what he feels using extensive profanity, When I think of Pat Robertson a part of me would be ecstatic giving him the Rude Pundit description, but I too am a Christian so as a result I will refrain from cursing, but I will attempt to describe what I feel to be a totally despicable excuse for a human being. Mr. Robertson claims to be a man of God. If he is truely a man of God then he would know God's first commandment is
"Thou Shall Not Kill". In front of a national audience Mr. Robertson advocated the assassination of Hugo Chavez Frias, the 5 time elected President of Venezuela apparently because he is "The world's most outspoken critic of George W. Bush" Mr. Robertson doesn't want his parishioners to know that the world is filled with outspoken critics of George W. Bush, in fact I am proud to be among them. Mr. Robertson doesn't realize that Venezuelan oil belongs to ALL Venezuelans. He doesn't realize that all Mr. Chavez has done was redistribute the wealth in his country, which is something the people elected him to do not once, but five times. Mr. Robertson doesn't want his parishioners to know that the United States, or better said the George W. Bush administration played a role in the attempted overthrow of the Chavez government. There is a concerted effort to poison the minds of Americans against Mr. Chavez , Mr. Robertson is at the forefront of this movement. To publicly advocate the killing of another human being just because he is doing the job that his people elected him to do is hyprocrisy, especially coming from a man of God in the United States where we frequently hear the words "liberty" and "freedom". Mr. Robertson just doesn't take into account an earlier time when the United States played policeman of world and overthrew a foreign government (that did nothing to the United States) close to two thousand American troops were killed. The same way that we love our country, Iraqis love their country and Venezuelans love their country. 500,000 Venezuelans took to the street in defense of Chavez. This "shocked" the enemies of Chavez and their US supporters.
It is a proven fact that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It is a proven fact because of the Downing Street memo that George Bush LIED. Mr. Robertson apparently wants another Iraq in Venezuela, 2,000 American lives lost is not enough, it seems as if he wants more. Mr. Robertson should be able to feel the heat that another right wing mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh felt last week, when he received record breaking amounts of hate mail caused by his LIE about Cindy Sheehan. A good deal of this mail was coming from his own listeners. Mr. Robertson does not permit equal time and never exposes his audience to representatives of another point of view, as a result we have an army of uninformed robots who give freely their time and their MONEY to this modern day "Christian" who is betraying the ideals of Christ.
Now let's contrast this opulent lifestyle to that of Father Jean-Juste, whose story cannot be found in the American press. Father Jean-Juste is currently arrested in his native Haiti, charged with murder. The father was attending the funeral of a murdered Haitian journalist when suddenly he was surrounded by well dressed people who shouted that he was the murderer. The justification for Jean-Juste's arrest is that because the journalist's body was found in a poor neighborhood (which is usually associated with the Lavalas party) that Jean-Juste was responsible. The current Haitian dictator was installed by the United States government. Elected President Jean Bertran Aristide (another man of the church) was overthrown and sent out of the country against his will. The same thing that happened in Iraq happened in Haiti, just on a smaller scale. But even in tiny Haiti resistence is growing. As a result of the growing resistence massacres are being carried out by the Tortue government and even with the participation of the United Nations. I wish that Father Jean-Juste and Pat Robertson could change places.

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