Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Response To Gar's Comment

I know the frustration that you and other true Democrats feel when you see members of our party continue to vote with the Republicans. It is more than likely that these DINOS(Democrats in name only) are affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Council, that very ineffective group that has played a role in Democrats losing national and state-wide elections. But don't be discouraged because there are signs of hope. First of all the one thing that all true Democrats wherever they are located must do is send a clear message that we are going to hold them accountable and that we will actively work to replace them with real Democrats. In the weeks that come this site is going to publish the names of straying Democrats and how they voted against Democratic ideals and sold out in one way or another to the Republicans. This has to be made an issue before the next state-wide elections. It's a good thing that you are writing to your elected officials and letting them know you don't like what they are doing......especially if they call themselves Democrats. Don't stop writing them. I am doing the same thing (but fortunately in my state, New Jersey we have two real Democrat Senators) but we too have a few other elected officials that quietly support the Bush madness. I am very angry about the tepid response Democrats are giving to the Roberts Supreme Court nomination. The ethically challenged Bush administration has very good reasons for withholding information about Roberts from Congress, but there are other positive things happening ......1) Cindy Sheehan has won the hearts of the vast majority of Americans and whatever O'Reilly, Malkin or Limbaugh have said against her just isn't connecting with the American public. Yesterday in Crawford, Texas a cowardly mob destroyed the crosses and American flags that were set up as a memorial for our fallen soldiers. Within a few hours all of thoses crosses and flags were put right back up again, no doubt angering the goons who knocked them down 2) The Republican party is morally corrupt. Republican Chairman Ken Mehlman unconditionally continues to the support the huge number of Republicans with ethics problems: DeLay, Rove, Noe, Hastert, Blackwell, Cheney and even the selected president himself George W. Bush 3) The near victory of Democrat marine Paul Hackett has stunned Ohio Republicans. This young man will definitely be heard from again 4) The Democratic Party is slowing going through a metamorphosis in which leadership is going to come from the bottom up rather than vice versa. MoveOn.org has changed the rules. Numerous small contributions are proving to be more effective than huge contributions given by a few. Of course removing the deeply entrenched Republic party is no easy task and it will take time, but the important thing is that it IS happening: 60% of Americans are against the Iraq war and want the troops to come home. George W(idow maker) Bush's approval rating is taking a nose-dive at below 40% so don't despair.

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