Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fail to plan, plan to fail

At least 40,000 homes are under water in the New Orleans area because of hurricane Katrina. Many members of the Louisiana National Guard find themselves in a position of not being able to help because they are in an illegal war in Iraq. New Orleans also is in need of plywood (which not that long ago was in plentiful supply). The plywood like a substantial part of the Louisiana national guard is in Iraq, leaving the people of Lousiana unprepared for a natural disaster. The Bush administration should take the blame for this horrendous blunder, but this is a president who cannot think of any mistakes that he has made. The first step in solving a problem is to admit that there is one. The president and his administration seem incapable of doing this. The three states hit hardest by hurricane Katrina are Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, all are "red" states. Eventhough several red states have turned blue over the past three months, these three states are not among them. Louisiana has had minimal movement (See "The political landscape has changed 8-18-05), Alabama and Mississippi remain staunchly red. The man they chose to lead the country has forsaken them. No other president to my knowledge has ever taken a five week vacation. When Mr. Bush decided to go to Louisiana disaster had already struck. This hurricane was predicted well in advance. To this date one Mississippi county has eighty dead......and still counting. The estimated number of dead in New Orleans is into the thousands.The money that was given to the rich for massive tax cuts could have been used to help the hurricane victims. These three states, among the nations poorest continue to vote against their own self interest. Will this terrible tragedy change their minds......I doubt it. The same short-sightedness evident in Mr. Bush can also be found in Mr. Rumsfeld, the woefully incompetent Secretary of Defense, who convinced the president and the nation that we could win this war....on the cheap. Mr. Rumsfeld didn't tell our troops about the harmful effects of depleted uranium. The same weapons created in the United States that destroy Iraqis also destroy U.S. soldiers. Our soldiers were sent into battle without proper armor. Army personnel that signed up as cooks found themselves in combat. Mr. Rumfeld like Mr. Bush failed to plan, so he planned to fail, and as a result the nation suffers. Now Mr. Bush tells us that we will have to lower our expectations for Iraq a little. He says that the objective of creating a western style democracy may have been a just a little too ambitious. As a result the new Iraq constitution looks like it will be everything Osama Bin Laden wanted. First of all it will be an Islamic state not a secular one. Mr. Bush was so quick to point out how women in Iraq would have even more rights than what they had under Saddam Heussein and in Afghanistan women would enjoy equal rights for the first time, well neither of those goals and been met, in fact it seems that when it comes to women's rights both countries are going in the opposite direction. The American invasion destroyed Iraqi infrastructure and did absolutely nothing for the Iraqi people, who were accustomed to electricity and basic western conveniences. If you destroy another country for the promise of "democracy" then you should make all repairs. Iraqis had the technological know how to do it themselves but the US government didn't permit them because they wanted all the US companies to make all the money. Companies like Titan and Caci had their employees do jobs that were adequately done by our soldiers, but they were allegedly paid many times more for doing the same job. This leads us to the continued abuse of the American taxpayer by companies like Halliburton. When a woman of conscience and strong religious conviction (Bunnetine Greenhouse) exposed these improprieties she was fired. Mr. Rumsfeld did not plan on U.S. soldiers telling their friends and family about the outrageous abuse of Iraqi prisoners of Abu Graib. He did not plan of them sending graphic photos to friends and family in the U.S. as confirmation of wrong doing. Torture as a means of getting information is ineffective because the person who is being tortured will tell you anything to stop inflicting pain. Lower level soldiers have bared the brunt of the criticism for these terrible acts when it seems obvious now that these orders came from above. We know this know because of the statements of the woman who was in charge of Abu Graib, Janet Karpinski, who emphatically recalls how she was deliberatedly excluded from certain activities by superiors. Donald Rumsfeld didn't realize the purpose of the Geneva accords. If you treat your enemy's soldiers in a civil manner than he will do the same for you. Is it a surprise that the Caci or Titan mercenaries were fried and hung on bridges by Iraqis? This is just another example of failing to plan. But how long is it going to take for the American people to open their eyes? The American people have been victimized by a predatory administration with world wide domination in mind. This corporate friendly administration is making the middle class pay more for social services while giving the rich a free ride. Cindy Sheehan is demanding answers. How long is it going to take the Democratic party to step up to the plate and act like an opposition party? How long are we going to put up with Tom Delay tactics of extortion and intimidation? How long are we going to accept fixed elections? Well just like Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld if we fail to plan, we will plan to fail.

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