Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Cuban Five get a new trial

The five Cubans arrested for espionage in Miami have earned a new trial. The District Court 11 threw out the case against the five because it determined that there was no way they could get a fair trial in Miami because of overwhelming bias against the Castro regime in Cuba. The judges decision was a surprise when one looks at the current political situation in the United States today. Three propective jurors were removed from the jury pool because they said that they had no opinion one way or the other about Fidel Castro. These five men infiltrated anti-Castro organizations that were engaged in terrorist actions that killed innocent Cuban people as well as tourists in an attempt to dethrone Fidel Castro. THESE FIVE MEN CAME TO THE UNITED STATES FIRST WITH THE INFORMATION THEY FOUND. As a result they were arrested and have been jailed almost three years just waiting for a trial. At the same time the United States refused to return Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela where he is accused of bombing a Cuban commerical aircraft. This case has received very little coverage in the mainstream media. Having a new trial doesn't necessarily mean that the five men will be given their freedom because the trial could be moved to another ultra conservative part of the country where people would still be likely to have a conservative bias. Defense Attorney Leonard Wineglass is to be praised for his tireless effort help these men return to their country and their families.

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