Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Congratulations to Rocky Anderson

Cindy Sheehan is not the only one that is causing George W(idow-maker) Bush headaches. Kudos must go out to Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson who called for a massive anti-war
demonstration in Utah's largest city while George Bush was in town to promote the war. Mayor
Anderson called for a massive demonstration. He wanted it to be the largest in the city's history. Estimates vary, it may not have been the largest in the city's history but it was certainly large enough to get the world's attention, some estimates go as high as ten thousand people. This act is "amazing" because we are talking about Utah, the home of Orrin Hatch, the reddest of all red states that gave George W(idowmaker) Bush the highest percentage of votes. This "gutsy" move puts the national spotlight on Rocky Anderson, who joins Cindy Sheehan and Paul Hackett as Democrats who have stepped up to the plate. For years I have just not been able to understand why a majority Democratic city like New York City keeps electing Republican mayors like Giuliani and Bloomberg. Well it's nice to see that the opposite happens: Rocky Anderson is a Democratic mayor in the overwhelmingly Republican Utah. This type of action would never have been taken by a DLC democrat because they "support" the war and the few among them that do oppose the war are "afraid" of being labeled "traitors" or being considered
among those who the right love to say "give comfort to the enemy" Rocky Anderson has shown that he has a spine and wants the type of "in your face" activitism the Democratic party must have in order to motivate the "Democratic" wing of the party.


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