Monday, August 22, 2005

Antiwar Democrats, where are you?

Since the President's approval rating in now in the 30's and Cindy Sheehan becoming a household word there was plenty of room for optimism for true Democrats and progressives. But optimism changes to cautious optimism when one scrutinizes the current political situation in the US today with regard to the war. At this time there is no major Democratic candidate who speaks out against the war. Hillary Clinton, who says she is not a candidate for the presidency in 2008 doesn't criticize the war but criticizes the way that it has been handled. Joe Biden, the only Democrat who has declared himself a candidate is very eager to let us know that he does not see eye to eye with the current party leader Howard Dean. Biden has also shown that he supports the current war effort. Well, most of the country does NOT support this illegal unnecessary war, so why don't we see more Democratic candidates speaking out. The Republicans may be losing favor with the vast majority of the people of this nation but one thing they know that might help them is the existance of the disconnect between the grassroots Democrat and the Democratic brainstrust. Howard Dean has the monumental task of keeping everything together, but the signs of discord are still evident. How many Democrats do we see taking advantage of a photo opportunity with the most popular woman in America?.....not many. On the Democratic side, especially those with strong ties to big business are saying very little about ending this war. I didn't hear John Kerry say that he was against the Iraqi war either. What I did hear was that he too was against the way the war was being run. Well being against the way the war is run is NOT good enough!!!!! What the grassroots Democrat wants to hear from it's candidate for President is that the war in Iraq is going to end and set the date for the ending. It is ironic that I can name Republicans who are doing Chuck Hagel and Ron Paul, yet I am still looking for the Democratic presidential candidate to do the same thing. While the American Bar Association has given John Roberts its unconditional seal of approval the ethically challenged Bush administration continues to conceal documents requested by members of Congress. Most of these members of Congress who are requesting these documents are DEMOCRATS! Yet we don't see any concrete actions against Mr. Robert's nomination, even those papers that the White House does share show that Mr. Roberts vehemently opposes a woman's right to chose, fought tooth and nail to prevent the equal rights amendment and also fervently opposed affirmative action during his years as a lawyer for the Reagan administration. Of course there are Democrats who are opposing the Roberts' nomination but apparently most are willing to accept Mr. Roberts while the politically aware grassroot Democrat is beside himself/herself with anger. The enemy is the Democratic Leadership Counci, which is a cancer on the Democratic party. The time has come to let them know that they are NOT in a position to set policy on the war in Iraq or present and future Supreme Court nominations from the ethically challenged Bush administration. This is NOT the time to extend a hand to the right side of the aisle in Congress as Joe Lieberman says so frequently. This is THE time to clean house on the left side of the aisle. Democrats, DLC or otherwise you can NOT expect to support this war and at the same time get our vote. Someone once characterized the American form of government as a bird with two Republican wings, a true Republican wing and a DLC (Republican Lite) wing. It's up to us the American people to make this characterization a falsehood.

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