Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another Republican Victory: Another Democratic Sellout

The recent flurry of Republican legislative victories have been aided by an unlikely source........Democrats. Keep in mind that this Congress has an even lower approval rating than the president. Many of these victories which betray Democratic ideals would not have become law without the help of so called Democrats. I cannot condemn Senator Nelson of Nebraska because he is a man who shouldn't have been elected because he is an aberration from a very red state so he has to vote with Republicans for his very existence. The rest of the Democrats have no excuse. I congratulate the two senators from my state, Frank Lautenberg and Jon Corzine who have a pretty good record of voting like "true" Democrats. There are many Democrats in the Senate and the House who say one thing when they are in front of their constituents but vote in a completely different manner when in Congress. The most recent example is with those Democrats who supported the recently passed Energy bill. This bill is going to give more of our tax dollars to the already properous oil and energy corporations who are reporting record profits. Under Bush the rich get richer and some Democrats help them. I, along with many other progressive Democrats will be watching the vote. If you are an elected official who sells out your Democratic contituency you will be held accountable. Here is a listing of Democrats who betrayed Democratic principles and voted for the energy bill. Akaka D-Hi, Baucus D-Mt, Bayh D-In, Cantwell D-Wa, Conrad D-ND, Dorgan D-ND, Dubin D-Il, Harkin D-IA, Inouye D-Hi, Kohl D-Wi, Johnson D-SD, Landrieu D-La,Levin D-MI, Lincoln D-AR, Mikulski D-MD, Nelson D-Ne, Mikulski D-MD, Obama D-Il, Rockefeller D-WV, Stabenow D-Mi. Thirty Democrats expressed the will of the people who sent them to Congress, twenty SOLD OUT.

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daniel said...

Great blog you've got here, I totally agree with everything you have to say, I frown upon the fact I come from a red state myself but smile upon the fact that in 2008 its going to be blue and any difference I can make between now and then I will be pleased with. Have a good one. If youd like to link let me know.