Friday, July 08, 2005

So, What happens if Karl Rove is found guilty?

Matthew Cooper of Time magazine allegedly named Karl Rove as the source that outed CIA agent Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak. Cooper has decided he will not go to jail, claiming that he has the permission of his private source to go public. The other reporter, Judith Miller of theNew York Times apparently had the same access as Cooper, but she chose to defy the courtorder to divulge the source and as a result she has gone to jail. The big question here is......Suppose it can be proven beyond a doubt that Karl Rove endangered the life of a CIA agent only because he didn't like her husband's statement that there was no evidence of an attempt to purchase yellowcake uranium by Saddam Heussein? Will Karl Rove face jailtime for this action?If he did this, then he certainly deserves to serve time but Republicans loyal to this administration seldom serve time? Because of the Downing Street Memo we know that George Bush deliberately planned to invade Iraq without provocation under the guise of Iraq's possessing weapons of mass destruction. In spite of the demonstrations numbering in the hundreds of thousands and numerous letters sent to senators and congresspersons, to this point nothing has been done. Joe Scarborough had a dead employee in his office and he wasn't even questioned. There is no way that I can say that he did or did not commit a crime, but what bothers me is that he wasn't even questioned and the press had very little to say about it. A similar incident happened to Democrat Gary Condit and the press did not give him one moment of peace; he was eventually driven from office. Vice President Richard Cheney was summoned to appear in front of the General Accounting Office on several occasions. It was believed that he designed the nations energy policy with members of the oil industry, excluding any representatives from alternative sources of energy. Mr. Cheney just ignored the summons and the press said little about it. Rep. John Conyers and others presented numerous allegations of irregularies with the voting process in Ohio but an Ohio court ignored them. Tom Delay's gerrymanding and accusations of extortion only were recognized when they reached epic proportions. Now the outrage has subsided. All this leads me to believe that we have one set of rules for Republicans and another set of rules for Democrats. The Gannon/Guckert affair in which a reporter without the proper credentials was able to have full access to the presidential press area received little attention from the press. If this process is to continue (and I have no reason to believe that it won't: we are in a dictatorship of one party rule. The true test will be the 2008 presidential election. We know that the vote has already been manipulated twice. If President Frist or President Giulani, or President Jeb Bush is elected in a close race we will know that we are under a police state. The question will then become what are we going to do about it? Before Hitler came to power many Jews felt that there really was a serious problem. They kept saying to themselves, this will pass, reasonable people will prevail. Many people in the United States are acting in the same fashion. Closing their eyes to the fact that many high level generals have resigned, over 6,000 US soldiers in Iraq have gone AWOL, Bush administration initiatives like the patriot act are destroying our civil liberties. Bush supporters were eager to say that since Bush became president we haven't had any 9/11 incidents, ignoring the Madrid tragedy and just this morning at least forty(possibly more) London residents were killed in an underground attack. This president can do as he pleases because there are Republican majorities in both houses of government and unlike during the Nixon era when there were many Republicans who were willing to make their president answer for his actions. That type of Republican is hard to find. So, what happens if Karl Rove is found guilty.......nothing, he will probably get a slap on the wrist and be forced not to watch television and go to bed early.

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