Tuesday, July 26, 2005

John Roberts:not who he appears to be

Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts appears to be sailing smoothly along to
becoming a member of the Supreme Court since both Republicans and Democrats
find no reason to deny the Bush nominee. But suddenly some groups like the
Institute For Democracy Studies’ Alfred Ross have given us all reasons for second
thoughts by exposing Robert’s connection with the ultra conservative think tank
“The Federalist Society”, an organization that is staunchly anti-affirmative action as
well as anti-choice. According to Ross the Bush administration contacted several
daily newspapers including the Washington Post, asking them not to expose any
connection between Roberts and the Federalist Society. This move has prompted
many journalists to wonder why does Bush not want the public to know about The
views of the Federalist Society. It is more than likely that if the public knew there
would be an uproar that would force Bush to choose another nominee. Roberts is
scheduled to be confirmed any time between September 6th and September 12th,
which is too short a time to start a serious investigation. If this connection had
been revealed earlier perhaps the situation would be different.
The Federalist Society, which began in 1982, was the brainchild of a former
Supreme Court nominee who was rejected……..Robert Bork. The views of the
organization are to the extreme right of mainstream America. This is an organization
that praises the racist “Bell Curve”. Since John Roberts claims he has no
recollection of joining this organization it is odd that this name is on record for
being a member of its steering committee. John Roberts does have a brilliant
record as a lawyer, but it is also a very short one, since he has only been in the
upper echelon of the judiciary for the last two years.
It is only logical that if Democrats are determined to deny confirmation of John
Bolton to be UN Ambassador only because the Bush Administration refuses to hand
over relevant papers about Bolton to the senate, they should take the same position
toward Roberts because the Bush Administration is refusing to hand over information
regarding Roberts to the Senate also. But “logic” on many occasions has eluded
many Democrats of this particular Congress. It will be interesting indeed to see if
Democrats will take the initiative that they so often have failed to take in the last
Eight years.

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